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NSW NSW Police target Comancheros OMCG National run

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/latest_releases?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHBzJTNBJTJGJTJGd3d3LmViaXoucG9saWNlLm5zdy5nb3YuYXUlMkZtZWRpYSUyRjIxOTI3Lmh0bWwmYWxsPTE%3D

    Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members targeted during national run
    Tuesday, 06 March 2012 10:44:24 AM

    Police have issued numerous infringement and defect notices to outlaw motorcycle gang members during the Comanchero national run.

    Strike Force Raptor and Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad officers, Gangs Squad detectives and officers from the South-West Metropolitan and Southern regions conducted Operation Iron Outlaw from Friday 2 March to Monday 5 March 2012.

    The Comanchero OMCG was conducting its national run from Sydney to Melbourne and back to Sydney, with Operation Iron Outlaw focused on road-safety compliance and rider conduct in NSW.

    On the southbound leg of the national run, police identified seven defective helmets which were immediately replaced by the riders.

    Additionally, seven defect notices and 10 traffic-infringement notices were issued for offences such as exceed speed and not wearing helmets. One member was also issued court-attendance notices for a prior assault offence.

    On the northbound leg of the national run, two defect notices and eight traffic infringement notices were issued for offences such as disobey traffic signal, exceed speed and travelling the wrong way down a one-way street.

    No major incidents occurred.

    Strike Force Raptor was established by State Crime Command’s Gangs Squad in 2009 and is a proactive and high-impact operation targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs and any associated criminal enterprises.

    Anyone wishing to assist Strike Force Raptor with information in relation to outlaw motorcycle gangs is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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    How many resources were used for 34 infringements?

    Clearly it's not about the infringements.

  2. Operation "Iron Outlaw" :rofl:

    And these "supposed" Outlaws, had no drug possession charges, no firearm charges, no current assault charges and only one summons for a prior charge. This expensive police exercise is harassment of a sub culture and has achieved nothing that the normal traffic police could not have done.

    I am very anti these current Bikey laws it goes against our freedoms of association and achieves nothing that current legislation doesn't. It is a "Tabloid Telly" law and should be seen as politician posturing only.
  3. Seems a big waste of police resources that could be used for something more important than a few speeding tickets, and a couple of idiots not wearing helmets.

    these "exercises" are a big wank and don't have any real results that benefit the community, for example no one was caught with drugs, that could be removed from the street.
  4. Tis social engineering at it's finest.
  5. Tis a show of strength(or ego's) from the po po only.

    Wont change a thing.

    Of course, po po are probably just acting on govt orders (interference).

    Wonder how many kittens were saved during this exercise.
  6. What's that term you came up with Slave? Is it turn key, or keyhole crime or similar?

    Nightowl if you stumble this can you put your hand to any studies or references discussing a connection between traffic violations and other crimes?
    I've seen it referenced randomly on this site before but I don't know where to begin digging.

    From a very vague memory, one of the references was made as a part of a rider survey that was posted here by some chick that came onsite to spruke her survey. I remember it got a few people offside.
  7. Gateway!!! It's friggin gateway isn't it?
  8. I'm amused reading them proudly proclaiming that their expensive target of the day... were pretty well behaved and barely ticket-able.
  9. Many resources get consumed in the ultimate goal of social engineering. The ROI in these cases isn't measured in bang for the immediate buck...

    Yep, gateway crime... first it's the wrong helmet, then it's <insert horribly maliscious crime here>.
  10. Tis true. When you're chasing 100% compliance you can make the biggest song and dance about the littlest things.....and the sheeple will believe they're safer from the big bad wolf.
  11. Their strength is the badges and guns
  12. I dont think the intent of this operation was exactly anti motorcycle/hooning, seems like just a jab in the arm from the police targeting organised crime to say they are watching you. but it is kinda sad that this article was written with so much focus on traffic violations than anything else...
  13. Government is like running a cattle station Chef- I will afford you some protection from predators and disease, I will treat your illnesses, I will ensure you have the necessities of life, I will even feed you when times are tough but at the end of the day I will put you all on a truck and it is not taking you to Disneyland.
  14. You can only push people so far,

    The cops stood over any one that rode a bike to the Bathurst bike races, Easter, 60's and 70's

    Until one year the whole crowd pushed back hard, Bathurst Riots,

    Its happened before, It will happen again,

    These coppers and their petty charges,
    They were so insignificant,
    How many charges were drummed up just to make the cops look At least half way plausible,

    These Bikies are supposed to be hardened criminals, Into every thing going,

    Not one Drug or Gun, Cmon, give me a break, The coppers are telling me these are bad bad people,

    And you cant even get a decent charge on any of them,

    So your anti bike Harrassement is all shit,
    Its just a cover to get a Govt that is full of shit a smoke screen to hide behind,

    Its nothing more than I dont like you, and we will do all in our power to get rid of you,

    You lot have been trying this shit for 45 years that I know of, and you have failed miserably the whole time,
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  15. ROI????

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  16. knowing the po po were going to be out checking them all, they probably had all the guns and drugs in a van that was following the riders and the po po did not check the van.
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  17. Return On Investment

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  18. hahaha

  19. What else could the article focus on when no criminal laws were being broken.

    Phark me, do people really believe the crap the government sprooks about the OMC's (note there is no G).
  20. I dont even know why it was reported by the police, it just makes them look pathetic.

    The story doesnt look like it was picked up by any media outlets.