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NSW Police on Unmarked bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Matrix, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. A friend just emailed this to me today but police have been doing this in VIC for some time now.

    Seen on the Pacific Hwy 12:00pm today.

    Blue & Black GSXR750 with ventura rack.
    It also had what looked like a GPS mounting bracker (device wasn't on the bike) on the top yoke, which had a wire connecting the "pass" switch to it.
    Numberplate: YTA20

    This is a police bike.

  2. ^so if you reverse into it at the shops/pub, don't bother leaving a note! :grin:
  3. Thanks for the tip.

    I'd like to be the officer who gets to ride it though :grin:

    Seriously, how good does patrolling the old pac all day sound?
  4. NSW Police do not use un-marked bikes.
  5. On the way home about a month ago on the M1 heading south saw this white helmet on a dirtbike, as I got closer noticed it was a cop. Had a good chuckle as I thought that would be the most uncomfortable bike to be unmarked all day on...

    I just think he was on his way home...

    Although probably not on duty, nobody would pass him...

    I was lucky as I had the turn off just as I noticed him, as much as it doesn't bother me to pass the police at the speed limit. I do get a little nervous...

    Probably nothing to do with anything, just thought it funny and the unmarked topic turned on the memory battery in my brain...
  6. Never do it.

    I've done it twice (at below the speed limit) and they've pulled me over for RBTs both times just to generally hassle me.
  7. Same.
  8. I'm curious as to why you think this is a Police bike. Is it simply because of the bracket?? As Tweet said - NSW Police don't use unmarked bikes.
  9. I pass cop cars all the time. I find that they're usually sitting at 10 under the limit in the left lane. Sometimes middle and right. I've never been pulled up for it, although they'll occasionally just take off and I won't try to keep up.

    I once saw a cop in an red '89 Camry. I was about 200metres from a police station. I first thought, "No, it can't be" and then it hit me that he's probably just on his way home.
  10. there was an article about this in ACMN last year, rumour was a gsxr750 unmarked police bike. a gps mounting bracket and a ventura rack isnt much to go off saying its a cop bike. a radar hanging off it would be a little obvious wouldnt it?

  11. I saw a copper riding a similar type unmarked bike in adelaide a couple weeks back, being new to bikes I'm not sure what type of bike, but it looked similar to a mates 1200 suzi bandit except with *lots* of extra gear around the handle bars and instruments.... bloke was fully dressed as a motorcycle copper but, I dunno, maybe on way to/from work? he just cracked a u-bolt into the right lane ahead of me I was in the left lane (4 laned road) and I thought I'd catch up to check the bike out.... well.... I kinda dropped back once I seen the uniform :p
  12. Some will disagree with us, because they know better lol..

    Anything I've ever seen with a callsign XX250 and above has always been marked, and I never worked with anyone riding an unmarked bike. never saw it in journals etc, so with Simon at radio, and my 10 years in the job, I am certain this was not a NSW Police bike.
  13. Who needs a radar? I have seen the marked bikes patrolling the F3 near the Old Road and all he had to do was slowly(at about 5kph over the speed limit) edge up on drivers from behind and he had no problem getting enough people for seat belts/mobile phones etc. There's no shortage of this sort of behaviour around and they are so oblivious to their surrounds that they didn't see him edge up on them. If there was an unmarked bike, he just needs a way to flag people down, like some hidden lights and a siren.
  14. ...

    yea people are totally oblivious to bikes even if it was a marked bike people still wouldn't see it :grin:
  15. Correct me if I am wrong those in the know (ie. Tweet) but I have heard from various sources (Police and non police) that unmarked bikes cannot be used in NSW due to worker compensation and insurance issues.

    It has basically been said that if a police officer were to use an unmarked motorcycle they are classed as uninsured for the sake of workers compensation. It has been said to me that this is because motorcycles used by police have to meet a number of criteria to be 'police ready' yet the 'off the street' bike does not do this. Thus why Honda and BMW build police specials.

    But, that does not exclude (although I doubt it would happen) an off duty cop on his own personal motorcycle performing some level of 'vigilante' type work on idiots.

  16. Unmarked cops here in Melbourne are bastards, its hard enough looking out for them on the bike, and then when the siren goes off, most of the times its like blah didnt even see it coming
  17. i do it at least once a week on the bike or in the car and have never been pulled over ever