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(NSW) Police now using airplane over F3

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by davidp1984, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys/Girls,

    Just heard on the radio about the Police are now actually using and not talking about using an airplane to catch speeding motorists over the F3 from the Tuggerah on Ramp to somewhere else that I didn't hear properly.

    I'm actually working at the moment so don't have the time to fiddle around for details or find old threads to add this to but thought it should be out ASAP so people know.

    Hope this saves someone from getting a fine :)

  2. Yep. Police stunt, its not practical to keep 'em in the air as a regular thing - its just a reminder that they can do it. Poor example of 'anywhere, any time', because how often do you think they'll be patrolling the skies to hand out minor traffic infractions which require a standard cop to pull over the offender anyway.. money badly spent imo - for shame gvt!
  3. Next theyll be stepping up against speeding by implementing orbital weapons platforms and giant moon lasers.
  4. They have put up signs, and painted lines across the road, at 500 metre intervals, on many of the highways and freeways now.
    They tried this over 20 yrs ago up on the mid nth coast, it didn't work, hence why they didn't keep it going.
    As phizog said, it costs to much, as well as keeping a car on the ground as well.
  5. ^^ When they did do this years ago, that's exactly what someone graffitied on the sign.
  6. Heheehehee, that's what made me think of it. It was on the Hume in between Goulburn and Marulan.
  7. :LOL: yep that's the one - I remember it was somewhere between Goulburn and Newcastle.
  8. Sorry to say it but my mate is the pilot.

    And yes I have had words with him.
  9. Presumably for speed measuring? Delete every second one, legal speed limit now 200km/h! :LOL:
  10. Yeah there's one between Campbelltown and Wilton, but I can't see them using them on a regular basis. They will do it occasionally to scare a few people, but odds are you are more likely to be caught by HWY patrol.

    Also sucks, because this zone could very safely be a 130 zone.