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[NSW] Police commissioner at fault in car accident on weekend...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/national/im-to-blame-for-crash-says-police-commissioner-andrew-scipione/story-e6frfkvr-1225828034466

    "NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione crashed his car at the weekend, leaving his wife and another motorist in hospital with injuries.
    The top cop said he believed the two-car crash at 11am Saturday on Belmore Rd, Peakhurst, was his fault.
    "I believe I am the at-fault driver and I am as accountable as any other driver in the state," Mr Scipione told The Daily Telegraph last night.""

    "It is understood Mr Scipione had just pulled up at a stop sign on Belmore Rd and turned right across the path of the couple's car."
    and for Victorian residents this commissioner scipione comes across as a serious wowser and over the top law and order unfriendly policeman. friends of mine who dont ride say he is appears like a complete idiot to them.
    but I am glad the accident wasn't too serious and no one was seriously injured ....
  2. Clearly speed and alcohol were involved.
  3. Given that a huge number of Police vehicles of all sorts are off the road at any one time with accident damage, this is hardly surprising...
  4. So let me get this straight.

    The Police Commissioner turns through a stop sign and into a car with right of way, damages his car so badly that his wife has to be cut from it, leading to her and a passenger from the other vehicle being hospitalised for their injuries. We only hear about it 4 days later, the opposition leader congratulates the commissioner on admitting it was his fault (despite apparently being unable to drive for shit) and there appears to be no consequences for him other than a difficult to find second page article.

    I would have thought that this would, for anyone else, at minimum have been a negligent driving charge.

    Looking after their own. The NSW Police Force has heard of it.

    One law for you, another law for us.
  5. i was of the understanding that if someone needs an ambulance or needs a vehicle towed as a result of a crash, Police MUST issue a neg driving charge?
  6. Last time I had an 1 car accident - just me - some one did the right thing for me and called an ambulance ( i didnt need it they just panicked as I had rolled of a cliff on the liverpool range near willow tree and landed in a creek at 11pm )

    the man showed up and said "sorry by law I have to give you a neg driving ticket for this " this was 15 yrs ago
  7. Police giving the police a neg driving charge, ??????????????????????????????????

    And the Commissoner as well, You wont have your Job Officer, if you do that.
  8. pretty sure we had some recent riders face this legislation too
    and congrats on walking away, sounds like an impressive wreck you had
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  10. old news mate.
  11. Nah it was a slow roll in a new pulsar hire car at the time over the edge and down the embankment about 10 meters and into a creek - no biggy

    I had washed off all the speed by the time it happened - just ran out of road to stop

    circumstances - midnight , tired , roadworks - so road was compacted dirt , no markings or signs , slightly damp ,front wheel drive understeered couldn't take the corner that came out of no where braked hard slowed down and more like "tipped over the edge " rolled over I think twice fully

    still "the man " that showed up was an old school country officer -- I like those types - common sense policing and very polite and respectful rather than gun ho
  12. was the car insured? Hope he gets nothing because he admitted fault. Unfortunately the taxpayer will probably end up with the bill.

    hmmm.. apparently SMIDSY doesn't count as brain function withdrawal.
  13. I'm very interested to see what he gets charged with. No way they can sweep this under the carpet.

    I'm amazed that he managed to accelerate from a standstill to above the speed limit in such a short distance. I mean, he had an accident so he MUST have been speeding!!!
  14. He got charged with failing to give way. 3 points and some fine.
  15. Fully agree,
    I had an accident in a small Vic town once where I was at fault. I made myself known to the officer who had quietly shown up, told him what happened, and he just said, come to the station, here is your fine, go home. Technically I think I should have been up for a bigger fine than I got, but I think because I was polite to him it worked out better for me.

  16. Did he give you a receipt?