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NSW Police Blitz. Do not speed.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by papermate, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. As im sure everyone in NSW is aware there were 2 fatalities due to drag racing in sydney's west. The media has enlarged the "street dragging situation" and the reaction from the NSW Police is evident.

    The small footage of a biker on a CBR 1000 (i assume from the picture) clocked at 150kmph in a 70kmph zone was shown on Channel 10.

    Tonight riding home on Epping road and through castle hill I counted no less than 5 Highway Patrol vehicles that had pulled over other vehicles.

    Not to mention the odd 10 Highway patrol vehicles parked together next to a booze bus just near Maquarie Shopping Centre area.

    I think you would really be pushing your luck in the next week if you decide to give it a twist a bit.
    Be warned.

  2. The bike was a silver blackbird, spotted the wing decal on the tank and the XX decal on the fairing. But yeah any speeding at all is an excuse for a ticket at the moment.

  3. was he stuck in first????
  4. Motorcyclist clocked at 150km/h – Werrington

  5. 2 people die in illegal racing and they have a crack down.

    How many people have died from poor / a complete lack of indicating???

    Yet I see cars fail to indicate in full view of the police and nothing happens. Some deaths are simply more exciting than others it seems, and therefore more worthy of a crackdown. :roll:
  6. Agreed. I'll repeat a story that happened to me a while back when on the Monash. I spotted an unmarked police car who was tailing me intently in the lane beside me. I could tell he was following me, and me alone, because while other traffic was going faster or slower than I, he sat with me. I sat bang on 98kph (calibrated speedo) the entire way, just to give him nothing to get excited about.

    For ~25kms, we were locked in our little "game". All the while, cars were swerving around me, using no indicators as they changed lanes, squeezing dangerously through gaps, and so on.

    Was any of that as important as the need to follow the "potential hoon" motorcyclist on the sports bike? Nope. Had I done 15kph over the limit though (like some of the cars that were overtaking us), you can bet I would've been pulled over for a stern talking to about how I was a danger to myself and others.

    I understand that many officers are doing a great and difficult job, but I do get tired of the single-minded focus on speeding, at the expense of a total lack of attention to other dangerous driving practices.
  7. +1

    This kind of crap makes me want to go on a killing spree.

    Retards trying to be politically correct instead of facing the real issues..

  8. As much as Id love us all to be okay all the time, this is obviously another excuse to enforce more rule over the road ways, more and more police, more tax ect...
  9. no - unless regeared, a bird is only good for ~125km/h in first.
  10. I had noticed a lot more highway patrol lately, this northern suburbs through to hills area, Ive spotted heaps on my drives to work.
  11. Bah, police often set up on Epping Rd when I lived at Marsfield. Sounds like business as usual.
    I nearly killed a dumb cop there one day, RBT just past a set of lights over a hill, 80 km/h zone, cop STANDING in right lane just over hill with lightsaber......was very close.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. welcome to life in the inner west. you cant go down the shops with out seeing a patrol car. but yeah, ive actually noticed a remarkable spike in activity in the last month, since the new p plater laws. maybe the extra 1000 cops on the beat that our esteemed friend morris promised us have been delivered...
    and all the times ive been pulled over since then, they have all been rude and blunt despite my best efforts to be as helpful as possible. those news reports about dropping standards in the cops might have some merit.
    interesting story andrew, bet you had to change you pants after that! :p


  13. I was fine, cop wasn't! Gave me grief about speeding, told him to not stand on three lane 80 km/h roads.
    Police standards have dropped significantly, most are no smarter than bouncers these days, and about as motivated.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Yep they are always there, heading west next to the shell. and heading east next to epping boys high school.
  15. Theyre all brainwashed and half are sobre
  16. i'm sorry - crazy person says what?
  17. yep i recognised you on tv frosty ;)
  18. lol this one in SMH today, GO the learner!

    source: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/learner-clocked-doing-152kmh/2007/08/08/1186252739461.html