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NSW Police back call for mobile speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/national/police-back-call-for-mobile-speed-cameras-20100101-llrp.html

    "PRESSURE is mounting on the Keneally Government to curb the state's soaring road toll by re- introducing mobile speed cameras, after revelations senior NSW police support the move.

    The Herald has learned Assistant Commissioner John Hartley wrote to then police minister Tony Kelly three months ago recommending digital mobile speed cameras be deployed on NSW roads.

    Unlike police-operated radar and lidar, or ''speed guns'' , digital mobile cameras can be operated by civilian contractors working from unmarked cars parked by the side of the road.

    NSW is the only state or territory which no longer uses mobile cameras, having phased out its ageing ''wet film'' models over a year ago."
  2. Looks like the price of doughnuts have gone up.
  3. Wow, the police want to support ripping off taxpayers without having to do any of the work themselves? What a shocker.
  4. and it comes back to mr scruby. why cant he just stay shut up in his coffin?

    Record low for 2007 road toll


    The 2007 toll of 445 fatalities was the lowest loss of life on the roads since World War Two and a 10 per cent reduction on last year’s figure.

    Road safety statistics show the preliminary NSW road toll for 2007 was a historic 60-year low.

    This is the fifth consecutive year the road toll has reduced, despite a steady increase in traffic on our roads.

    Since 1945, our population has doubled and vehicle numbers are thirteen times higher. However, the toll has only increased by eight per cent over more than 60 years. This year’s fatality per population rate is the lowest since records began in 1908.

    So, with 2008's road toll of 374 and last years 459, and 2007 being 445 (which was 10% lower than 2006, a drop you might expect over a period of years not one) and 561 of 2002 thrown in for good measure, NSW does not have a soaring road toll, it has a road toll on par with what would be expected given previous road tolls and the appalling quality of NSW roads. The average drop from 02-07 is 3.4% per year (remembering that 06-07 drop was uncharacteristically large) but the drop from 07-08 was 16%. Therefore the 2008 road toll should not be included in data samples because of its huge discrepancy from the normal, and attempts to use 2008 as a comparison point should be ignored and deemed unfounded. Sure, last years was bad and there is definitely room for improvement, but it is nowhere near as shocking as the spin masters point out.

    "Yet as long ago as 2005, an RTA trial of digital cameras found them to be highly effective,"

    What is highly effective? Was there a measure of effectiveness when the trial was run? Did it greatly reduce accidents at that point? Or did the reduction in accidents correspond to a generally reducing road toll?

    "He said there was ''ample evidence that the current fixed speed camera program conducted by the RTA is having significant results in the reduction of fatal, serious and major crashes within close proximity to speed cameras."
    Funnily enough, these cameras are *supposedly* situated at black spots and are highly visible and marked. Causal link perhaps? I think so. Therefore, this statement "It is envisaged that a mobile program where the vehicle is parked on the side of the road at various locations could have a greater impact on drivers in areas which [have] … or the driver believes may have mobile speed cameras operating''." is completely unjustified.

    Now this speed kills thing, according to the RTA "Speeding in NSW is the biggest killer on our roads, contributing to up to 40% of fatalities." NSW Government Response to 2009 Road Safety Roundtable: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/downloads/2009_rs_roundtable_response.pdf But when the NRMA published a report on the road toll crisis, http://www.openroad.com.au/safety_roadtoll.asp,their coverage of speeding was... three lines of a multi page report (about 10 at a guess), and they firmly pointed the finger right back at the government in terms of fixing the road toll "The Strategy predicts that the biggest reduction in deaths will be from safer roads (332 lives nationally or 47%)" (The National Road Safety Strategy agreed to by both the Federal and State governments with a set target of 40% decrease in the fatality rate per 100,000 head of population by 2010).

    On the topic of the NRMA "Ministers are concerned about a voter backlash and opposition by the NRMA. However, the RACQ motoring organisation in Queensland and the RACV in Victoria support mobile cameras." It appears that NRMA is the only independently run major lobby group left. It's funny how people like this suggest that a designated road safety lobby group would not know as much about road safety as a bunch of politicians who can't even seem to run the sate. They have my support, I wonder if there is actually something I/we can do to help.
  5. actually nsw police are generally pretty decent on the speeding issue. It's scruby and a few illiterate half-wits that spout that crap.
  6. also, if two thirds of fatalities are on country roads, i assume that two thirds of speed cameras will be on country roads?
  7. If they do then ammunition sales will go up 2/3rds, judgeing by some of the road signs around here...
  8. nothing but good things to say about the police here in NSW. but they do tend to go for more laws, more toys and more ways to go about "policing"...
    two cases in point:
    my mate is a firey and when the NSW po-po got their new water cannon just in time for APEC they pulled up at a hydrant but didn't know how to fill it up. the firey's would'nt actually do it for them ( they dont get involved in this sort of thing, rightly so ) but told them how to do it. spend $500K on a water cannon truck, dont know how to fill it up. priceless.
    and from the letter sections of the syd herald today:
    "As my daughter was stopped for a routine breath test, a police officer approached and told her in a none too friendly manner that she was supposed to have her dog harnessed while in the car. Failure to do so carried a three-demerit point penalty and a fine. The control of the public is out of control. What next? That people watching the fireworks will have to wear safety helmets and fireproof clothing?"

    really, more of this sort of thing? we are becoming the nanny state.
  9. Does every other stae use unmarked roadside cameras but? i know it is the practice in vic, but a line stating we are the only state without mobile cameras may be misleading if other states dont all use the same practices
  10. will the private contractors be carrying any self-defence weapons?
    can i expect a taser or some mace?

    jus' asking :)

  11. what a load of crap, theres 1 that always sits on knox rd doonside
  12. And for what its worth i have emailed both the transport minister and my local member asking them to explain there thinking and actions in relation to this, maybe if we all do they may back away from the process
  13. just sent off my email to Campbell

    remember peeps, to include your address in all correspondance with MPs in order for it to be taken seriously.
  14. home address or email? i sent one to both without home address in it, but the email address was an obvious UNSW email address.

    also, can anyone get their hands on the email address of this deborah snow? cant find it or a comment section for the article anywhere.
  15. You residential address
  16. will happily send one off to my local MP also.

    member david campbell looks like he's eaten too many pies lately so i dont know if you will get any response from the guy...
  17. you'll recieve a lip-service response simply stating your letter has been recieved. it's as far as i've ever gotten with him
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  19. ](*,) So she goes home crying to daddy that the big bad policeman told her off. Pray tell what is wrong with reminding the young lady that she is breaking the law by having an unrestrained animal in her car?
  20. No one ever thinks of the dogs :(