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[NSW] police apply to ban hell's angels....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/07/06/2946355.htm?section=justin

    now i aint a fan of the pirate dressing HD riding self referred "outlaw MC" groups but the NSW police are a serious bunch of douche's ( and thats an insult to douches ) in going this way against the hells angels.
    i am against this law and as shown in SA, the biker gangs will take this to the highest applicable court ( as they should ).
    it's called the right of association......sure they may be criminal in some areas and members can brazenly kill another gang member, but thats what we have the relevant laws for.

    NSW police. complete tossers.
  2. I can't even begin to describe how much this sort of BS pisses me off. US government is doing the same crap with "terrorists" and people who "associate" with them.

    When the blood of fascists runs in the street, it will also run with my tears of joy.
  3. This is truly evil legislation.
  4. Many OMC's have legitimate business, aside from 'other things', now... but pasts may be shady.

    The irony is probably that those years of crime and profiteering are the only reason they have the resources to fight to preserve our democracy and freedoms.

    If you love Australia: buy drugs lolz!!1!
  5. Will do.
  6. where do I sign up ?

    had it up to here with bullshit lawmakers, politicians , enforcers and bureaucrats in respect to my dwindling freedoms - the types that go up against the wall first when the revolutions happen.

    The retiring Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Nick Cowdery, has described the law as excessive.
  7. It's obvious that if the MCC is worth it's salt, and lays claim to the Hell's Angels being a member, that they'd get the club involved in the NSW protest ride.

    If they don't, it will illustrate how ****ing useless all this talk is, especially when their submissions to the MAA on CTP prices get ignored next month.
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    Wow I really feel for the dudes with this BS. Not that I'm a Harley rider myself.

    I would predict that the media statement would go something like.....
  9. Has anyone noticed that most new comers to the omc's don't even ride. They are using club colours to protect themselves whilst they do their trade. Soon they'll stop wearing colours and just blend in with everyone. I suppose the cops will have to stop all bike riders because they won't know whos who, and while we're pulled over the omc members worth catching will drive by in their flash cars........er..ummm...I'm only guessing.
  10. I wonder if it would be possible to sift through the evidence that the Royal Commission collected back in the day, they had a lot of evidence against serving police officers up to all sorts of no good.

    Given that many of those officers are still serving in senior roles in the NSW police, I wonder if it could be used to file an application with the High Court to have the NSW police force declared an illegal organisation?
  11. So when will we see you at an MCC of NSW meeting? Where you may actually learn a few things. The Hells Angels MC are not a Member of the MCC of NSW. The UMC is. We have supported the stance on these outrageous anti-association laws from day one, as was reinforced last night when I spoke to the President of the Hells Angels MC. So I suggest you stop shooting your mouth off, before finding out just who is doing what and supporting who.

    Further, we are adamant, that if any members of any club are found to be involved in Criminal activity that they should be brought before the courts and tried under the law that they have broken. People should not be punished for who they chose to associate with, nor for what organisation they chose to be a part of...

    Freedom of Association and membership is a basic tenant of Australian society and must be protected at all costs.

    All Clubs have been invited to join the Motorcycle Protest Rally on August 31st at Parliament House.

    The MCC of NSW... United We Ride, Divided We Walk.
  12. Oh **** off I mixed up an acronym of one all talk for another all talk

    Thank god some members have splintered off and have organised the protest.
  13. Aaah, I have found the Keyboard hero... answer the question. When are you coming to voice your opinion? Or are you just about splintering things so we have a diluted message. What experinece do you have in Media? What experience do you have in Politics? From the way you post, you have all that we need, so I say this... we need a man like you. Come and save us from ourselves... show us the light and lead the way... Please... please save us Smokae... please save us from the Fluro hordes and the bad people who have put their hands up, and taken the time to do what they think is right... please smokae... come and save me from myself.

    Put up or shut up.

    Oh, and by the way... My name is Rob Colligan and you can find me really, really easily.... just who are you? Just another keyboard hero or someone who is prepared to stand by thier words....
  14. Buckets has anyone thought of contacting the legal firm who successfully fought the legislation last time?
    I know its slighly different legislation, but may be worth a call.
  15. i Wouldn't want to kick the bucket...

    (I crack myself up)

    Smokae, I'll tell you what I tell my 3 year old.

    Listen with your ears and watch with your eyes. Then speak with your mouth. I am sure bucket will let people know when the next meeting is, so attend and have a coffee with him. He might be a real nice bloke who listens really well. If not you'll know first hand and can then act in the MCC to usurp his position, and make it better.

    Talking politics, and recriminations in an internet forum is plain stupid, and it's much more fun over a coffee or a beer.

    Good Luck.