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[NSW] Pillion Ride up Old Road, Sun Mar 25th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: zendog

    Everyone is welcome to this easy ride. Bring a pillion, or just bring yourself and have fun. L and P's most welcome. We will do Old Road and stop at Road Warriors, with the possibility of more further, depending on demand.

    Meet: Shell Space Station ...

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  2. C'mon guys, come ona quality ride out on a quality piece of NSW road.

    I dare ya!!
  3. I'm still thinking about it; a quite Sunday up the river with 10 bikes or a busy one with 300 over the mountain!!! I'm waiting to see where the wind will blow on this one!!
  4. yeah dude, pretty hard to compete against the Lithgow ride.

    Tony, look for us at McGraths Hill.
  5. Good point!

    As long as people are riding - i dont mind as much!

    The bike is meant for riding, not to look at in the garage!

    Enjoy boys!
  6. The weather aint looking too good this Sunday, shower or two max 21. :(
  7. Ok guys the weather is not looking the best tonight, but tomorrow is a new day. If you have any questions tomorrow, call or send me a text on 0424 786 312.

    I will say a definate yes tomorrow on the forum by 8:30am.

    Dont forget that daylight saving finishes tonight!!
  8. Guess that makes it a no then?
  9. Yeah maxx, that was the plan, but due to difficulties, i couldnt get on the net and i assumed people would turn up, which did happen, so eventhough the weather was crappy and it did rain a little, we cut the trip and went to Manly. I had to go to the airport after that, but the rest of the group went to Palm Beach. It was good, but I dont blame anyone staying in-doors today.