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[NSW] Picton/Bowral/Robertson/Sydney, Sat May 6th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by chrissieyeh, May 3, 2006.

  1. [NSW] Sydney to Picton and beyond

    Seeing this weekend is an event free, a few Sydney riders may go for a ride to Picton, and possiby through Kangaroo Valley, and back from the coast?

    I'll leave the route planning to Haggis as he is a frequent along this route. :cool:

    So far we've got Haggis, Greg, maybe Bill depending which day/time.

    The deal is, stopping by at Picton drop zone to see me falling out of the plane and come to my rescue shall I land in the bush... :LOL: then continue the ride. I'll be at Picton 0830 Sat. till Sunday arvo. let me know if you are in the neighborhood 0438674441 Chrissie

    BTW, b&e roll and toastie sano are good at DZ, but not sure about coffee. flask may be a good idea... :roll:

  2. After watching Michelle Yeoh's stunt double :grin: (the Crouching Tiger and Tomorrow Never Dies chic . . ) jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane . . . heheh

    Rather than heading further south to Kanga Valley, how about something different and head west through Picton and onto Burragorang ! Its a good country road blast with sweeping bends which ends up at a spectacular lookout over Lake Burragorang. . . .

    I feel like another pub counter lunch !!

    Michelle Yeoh . . . LOL :p
  3. Now Chrissey I was about to post a ride for the Blue Mountains and return via the Bells Line of Road. :cool:

    ah well, I guess there is no need to now :? unless you organise this for Saturday :( then I'll just have to have go for a ride on Sunday :grin: :grin: :cool:
  4. mod voice on...

    when you get a chance need to put post a Day, time, meeting place depart time.

    when all that is sorted chrissy go ahead and edit your post with the details.
    mod voice off...

    sounds alright to me just need the details.

    Blue Skies!!

    p.s we need a NSW events forum dont we guys... :twisted: :twisted:

  5. oooooh . . . scary !!!

  6. :shock:
    could you guys work out the plan and quickly put it in the event? or just let me know ASAP?

    i won't even be in the ride.... :oops:

    Well... Sat. Picton and Sun. Blue Mountain then, there you go Greg, problem solved :wink: AND post that BM ride with day, time, meeting place depart time will you???.... :LOL:
  7. Ride is posted awaiting approval,
    Mickyb we can look at your idea of Burragorang on the day
  8. Unfortunately I have to attend my daughter's engagement party in the middle of Saturday, so I cannot attend. So happy jumping out of planes/riding/pub lunching, folks!
  9. ...and as all knows, Saturdays's are out for me for now. Just thought I'd remind y'all so you can take planning something for Sunday into consideration....

    Cheers All....
  10. Sorry Bill but I had to put the ride up for Saturday as I have commitments on Sunday. Greg (Marvin the Marttian) may be putting one up for Sunday
  11. Added to Calendar by: haggis

    Subject to change.
    Meet at McDonalds corner of Old/New Canterbury Roads Dulwich Hill Saturday 6th May at 9.00am for 9.30am start. see Chrissie fly over Picton then ride on to some nice roads in the Southern Highlands. Route can be adapted to suit whoe...

    ... more

    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.
  12. ....no probs Dennis. I know you would of if you could of. As for Sunday, if Greg doesn't feel like a ride, I'm sure Mickyb might enjoy a ride down to the Regatta Centre for a P's test run..... Either way, as we know, I'm easy....

  13. Are you cheap though? :LOL:
  14. Thank you Haggis :grin:
  15. Well I seem to have a leave pass for Sunday, so I guess I could arrange a ride up to the Blue mountains and back . :) :cool:
  16. I would love you join you guys, and meet you chrissieyeh... but got a dentist appointment this Sat :eek:hno:

    Enjoy the ride, post the pics for me :)
  17. o h man !
    I did have a quiet weekend.
    Seems I have to hire that PA to sort out my schedule. :grin:

    I did have plans go to the bike import spares at Silverwater to look for an audible pipe. :grin:
    I did have plans to see my accountant, damn RBA rate rise !! :evil: (and also the bigger bike plans :wink: )
    I was going to check out the seat height on a GSR600 at Procycles.
    I do have to give the dog a wash.
    The bike and car also needs a wash.
    Sunday with Gypsy is still on to practice the P's course !
    There is still the usual clothes washing and shit ! (man, I need to get married !)

    . . . . and Dante's Peak is hassling me to post my digipics of the rides and meets to far ! LOL :p

    aaaargh . . . and damn RBA rate rise and petrol prices. !

    okay . . . let me sort out my weekend.
  18. .....and don't do anything silly like getting married. Hire a PA, it's cheaper....
  19. @Chrissie
    ....any cheaper I'd be free....

    @Marvin & Mickyb
    ...let me know what the GO is with Sunday 'cause I think MickyB wants to go to the Regatta. We could always go for a ride up the mountains and drop by the Regatta on the way back before it gets dark....

    Cheers All....

  20. Now that sounds like a plan !!!
    How far are we going ??? Lithgow ? Darling Causeway and eat at Mt Victoria ? How about Springwood rd ? . . did someone say hairpins ? :grin: