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[NSW] personalised plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Ok I admit it I've got a wanker plate on me bike.

    Things are a tad tight and so the question arises do they have any value in NSW???

    IE can I sell it???
  2. depends... what's it say? would people want it? specifics, man! and a pic :D
  3. Say's J3FF pretty specific. But can you sell them at all in NSW???
  4. oh, and yes, people sell personalised plates often for big money - but they're sought after plates. like "rexxie" for a WRX, or "biker" on a bike etc...

    edit - flip, being more specific, can sell them in trading post and on bikesales etc. see the ads for them all the time. and bike mags.
  5. Since you've gone a fair bit more personalised than the usual initials and birth year that most people get.. You have a higher chance of getting some money back.

    But also remember that your entire target audience, is guys named jeff.
    I would guess you could get a few hundred, maybe $500 if you're really lucky.
  6. wot about girls named jeff? you know the ones...you'll find them on a saturday night out in the Cross...
  7. Oh yeah, I ate chicken with one of those girls. Remember, watch what you eat
  8. or girls who name their bike jeff?
  9. IIRC, you can sell them for whatever somewang wants to pay, minus whatever the RTA charges to transfer ownership, because we should all voluntarily give them even more money.