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[NSW] Peaches’ Oink Oink Putty Tour, Sat Jun 28th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ruth Liew

    Hello fellow oinksters,

    Since Sydney’s spat of dry weather is unlikely to last, I have bravely decided to take matters into my own hands and organised a ride this Saturday with Interloper to the Putty.

    It is officially christened:


    ... more

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  2. Welcome back :wink:.
  3. I was going to say that if needed I could borrow a couple of cb's from work if needed....

    And considering my Bike I dont mind being TEC if no one else wants it.... :)
  4. SHOTGUN A CB if you're bringing them mate :D

    Do they have plugin mic + earbudphone thingys? :grin: :grin:
  5. they do.. also vox :D

    I think they are only 2 watts but better than nothing.
  6. Room for another? I will be there.

  7. Yaaaaay we're back in business! Thank you all, and Jason who approved the Cal entry! See you all tomorrow. Will post the updated list of who's oinking and who's not, soon!

  8. Yay more people are coming!

    THE YESs

    Peaches (L)
    mid77 (L)
    samsico + friends
    84seven (L)
    Toms RVF 400 (L)
    Titanium +1
    Dimitrysaysdrift + friends
    simonlvtien +1

    Stubby_holder (P)
    steve2609 + birdie friends?
    Nwise + friends
  9. I am in

    Looks good to me. I will try to come on time :)
  10. Good onya Ruth, u are coming ahead in leaps & bounds, I'm proud of ya!. Sorry I can't make it, I have my young daughter this weekend.

    Tex & Bundy
  11. Awwww thanks Tex! I'll try not to come off! When are you going on a ride next? I want to see Bundy and you in action!!! Hope Jen’s well!

    Ps – list is updated.
  12. Should see you there!!

    Sounds like a good ride guys.!!!
    Is anyone comming from the Liverpool area?? Wouldnt mind meeting with people and riding up together.

    What time is everyone meeting at Berowra???

  13. Glad to see all of you back again, weather is looking good on this Week end.. oink...oink... :)

    Peaches My friends will coming along too incl RKO, Ed, Chris, Nels...etc..etc st

    This is the map of original please confirm again ..

    Map of Route:
  14. Looks like its going to be a good ride guys... have fun with this one.. I wish I had a bike then I could join you guys.. :grin:
  15. Guys I’m currently on deadline to get a story in, and not sure when I’ll be able to get online next. Just a few things to point out.

    1. Interloper is the official ride leader on that day. He rides a red ZX9r. He will be in charge of leading the guys up at the front, and designating corner markers as well. Interloper, sorry I couldn’t talk earlier, can you give me a call later this arvo to sort this out? I’ll explain it to you.

    2. we need a tail end Charlie who will ride last at the pack. Althassaur has kindly offered his services, so he will be at the back with most of the learners. Althassaur, thanks again for doing this.

    3. The official route of the day is

    Meet Berowra Mobil at 9am. Leave Berowra soon after, Follow Old road to Mt White. Stop for coffee/bacon egg roll, or just to chat. Continue along old road to Calga, turn left onto Peats Ridge Rd.

    Follow Peats Ridge Rd until George Downes Dr, Merge Left onto George Downes Dr. Follow George Downes Dr through Kulnura and Bucketty until Wollombi. Either have an early lunch here, or just to stop to stretch the legs.

    Continue alnog George Downes Dr until Broke.
    Stop for fuel, Long section before next fuel.
    500m after service station turn left at Milbrodale Rd

    Follow Milbrodale Rd until end, turn left onto Putty Rd. Follow Putty Rd until halfway house. Stop for latish lunch, or just coffee and chat. Watch the birdies for a while.

    Continue down Putty until Windsor. Stop for fuel, then head home to Sydney.

    Any questions PM me but

    4. Just a few simple courtesy rules – overtaking is perfectly fine. But if there’s a learner in front of you, please give us a wider berth. Also, please do not undertake as that often scares the crap out of all of us.

    5. Corner marking is very important. There are only a few turns in this route (yay!) but if the corner marker could wait until the TEC has pass – that’d be great. After Mr Charlie is in front of you, feel free to zoom off to never never land.

    Any questions, please send me a PM.
  16. Hey Ruthie,

    Have a great day and I hope it all goes well for your first organised ride.
    Have fun.

    Most important everyone ride at your own pace.

    Hope to join you on the next one.

  17. Hi Ruth,
    I'll try my best to join you on this one but probably only as far as Wollombi - did the Putty last weekend and came home very late :grin:
  18. Hello boys and girls,

    I’m going to be leaving the office in an hour and won’t have internet access the whole weekend. If you need to contact me, Interloper or samsico have my contact number so shoot them a PM :grin:

    Otherwise I’ll see you all tomorrow at 9am sharp at Mobil Berowra! :cool:

    Ps – the last time I went up Putty it was freezing and I had 4 layers on! This time I’m wearing 5, and I suggest you guys rug up too! Brrrrrr. :?

    See you all tomorrow, can’t wait!

  19. Yep, it'll likely be freezing up until lunch time, so bring neck warmer and an extra layer =D

    Just a note I'll be taking it very easy on straight bits as my red and blue karma is down at the moment.
  20. Oh nooooooooooo what happened, phiz ? :cry: