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[NSW] Payne's Crossing Rd (Wollombi - Broke)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by DrSleepy, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Hey all, just wondering if anyone has done this road recently (since the storms in April) and knows what the condition is like, specifically how much of it is still gravel? Latest street view imagery is from 2010 which showed a short section close to the Wollombi end unsealed with roadwork signs. Going out that way this weekend (normally I get to the Putty via Cessnock-Pokolbin-Broke) and just wanted to know what to expect.

    Thanks in anticipation!
  2. I haven't been that way for a while, but from what I recall, it was sealed a couple of years ago.
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  3. Yeah as BrmmmBrmmm said, it's sealed all the way.

    The section between Broke and Paynes Crossing is smooth and fast.

    Just be wary of the section between the wooden bridge at Paynes Crossing and Wollombi; it is quite rough in parts, and tight - be vigilant for oncoming kamikaze riders and drivers (especially on a weekend).
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  4. I was on Payne's Crossing a couple weeks ago, it has become a bit more bumpy since the floods but it's not too bad, just be careful, some parts aren't very wide and it can be hard to see what's coming in those spots, otherwise I quite enjoy it as a nice ride close to home.

    If you're still going through Cessnock, you'll no doubt get to take the great north road to Wollombi, that is pretty nice too.
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  5. The dirt section was only about 1km anyway but it has long been sealed.
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  6. More cars on it now since the sealing. Be careful between the bridges
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  7. Thanks everyone -- hadn't been out that way in a few years (and never on the bike) so good to know what to expect. :)