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NSW: Pay and display a ticket parking, do we have to pay?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by The_Doctor, May 13, 2008.

  1. In nsw where you park in a parking lot that has parking meter machines they print out tickets, do we have to pay?

    I'm asking because obviously there is no spot to place the ticket before it blows off in the wind. It's been bugging me for a while, so I'm curious to hear if anyone actually knows what the law says on this?

    thanks for the help.

  2. Thanks for the reply, informative and to the point, but why bother with the search nazi's approach? for the effort of typing it you told me the answer anyway...?

    Throw a post up 11pm on a tuesday night forgetting to do a search, oh, my bad :roll:

    EDIT - then you delete the post? wtf.
  3. I can't say I know the legalities for NSW but until you find out for sure, the smart way to do it would be buy the ticket and put it in your wallet. If you get a parking fine you can contest it and produce the ticket you bought as evidence.
  4. maybe the mod though it was inappropriate so he delted it.
  5. Worst case scenario call the council, but I found the following on the MCCofNSW web site:

    There is no date on it so can't tell you how current it is.
  6. i definatly always buy one,but it seems to blow away/get stolen as soon as i walk away>> :grin: :wink: :p
    just say you got one..
  7. Thanks for the feedback/advice fellers, I'm going to follow this up by contacting the local council and RTA / government to get their comment on the situation & what they recommend.

    Might take me a few weeks, but I'll respond here if I get anything good.
  8. i was talking to one of the council officers at the little alleyway on bond st.

    and she pretty much provoke buying a ticket or befined. and that day. all of the bike that wasnt in the bike parking zone got a ticket. and there was about 10-12 bike that wasnt in the zone .. eventho it wasnt blocking any carpark entry or pedestrian walk way.

    I say, just be safe and find a motorbike parking
  9. Yeah it all sounds pretty stupid if they say we have to buy a ticket, then write a friggin letter everytime they fine us, or even a phone call is a hassle as I know what my time is worth.

    So surely we must be able to get a straight answer from somewhere, in my eyes the only answer at the moment is that they can't fine us OR clearly define the law / offer a solution.
  10. Unfortunately yes - if you park in a ticket parking area then to avoid a fine being issued you have to buy a ticket and display it somewhere on the bike.

    I got fined once in the city for not displaying a ticket - I ended up filling in an appeal form and attaching the ticket, and the fine was reduced to a caution.

    Since then I've left the ticket on the dash (a little easier to do on the Burgman than on most bikes), but I also take 1-2 photos of the ticket on the dash so that in the event the ticket comes off the bike and I get fined I have proof that I did actually have a valid ticket displayed on the bike.
  11. Problematic... takes weeks sometimes longer to get the parking ticket. Thats a long time to keep a scrap of paper.