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[NSW] Parramatta Social Gathering, Wed Aug 30th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Meeting at Hooters Restaurant in Parramatta on Wednesday night 7pm for Dinner & Drinks.

    The restaurant is located at 132 James Ruse Drive, on the corner of James Ruse Drive and Hassall Street – opposite Rosehill Race Course.

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  2. :wink:

    looking forward to the trying the food on the menu. :twisted:
  3. This place is known for its service and hospitality and the food .... for thought that's afforded by the waitresses while they are serving you. :twisted: :wink:
  4. the question is do you have to book a table.
  5. I will be there in the car.
  6. I can't get a baby sitter : (

    Well thats my excuse that covers just about every event you can come up with.
  7. My brother in law reckons the food selection is not that good.

    I'll be there if nothing else gets in the way that night.
  8. Wednesday night, hopefully I should be able to get there.
  9. Geez...I just might have to make this my first Netrider function :twisted:

    Do they sell food there? :p
  10. The food reviews in a local Sydney paper claimed the food was very good actually.

    I will decide for myself.

    When you have a rough idea of numbers you might want to ring them and ask if they have a room for us or do we have to book a table(s) in advance?..good idea Marvin.

    Cheers for posting it Dante.

    Laterz: Jaq.
  11. will book for 25 people.
  12. OK, the drum on hooters.

    The food is good, maybe better than and similar to the stuff you get from hogs breath etc.
    The girls serving it are well worth a look and actually do their job in a friendly professional way.
    Good atmosphere and a really nice vibe in there.

    The girls actually wear t shirts that say something like " Delightfully tacky, but not unrefined"

    I wonder how long before the local m....m population decide it's gotta go due to the moral degradation and depravity it causes.

    I'll be there if I don't have band rehearsals that night.
  13. I'll be coming too, Dante. Thanks
  14. Aww man. I have to come now.

    Someone has to write me a permission note though:
    "Chris was not at Bible Study as he had to attend Grandma's funeral... at Hooters."
  15. Is there any girls going or is this purely a mens ogle night....i mean a mens 'bonding' night?
  16. Yes. everybody is welcome.
  17. Well not that you need any more convincing but after we're done at Parramatta we can head back to yours to finish off the night with a White Russian, or maybe some Vat 69. :)
  18. Babies are welcome too.
  19. Girl netriders maybe avoiding the place because of competition from the waitresses..
  20. Great Idea Dante... count me in !