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[NSW] Parking unofficially in apartment carparks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by daedalus, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. how strict is strata generally on motorcycles parking unofficially? obviously not in a carspot, but in any little space here and there

    currently in my apartment they don't seem to care
  2. Every apartment block contains at least one officious old git who will object to anything and everything regardless of the actual wording of strata rules.

    If you can identify said git and epoxy their front door shut so they can't get out to see and, subsequently, starve slowly to death, you should be right.
  3. ..apart from the smell thing, of course.
  4. I'm in a big strata in Rosebery, just down the road from you in Kingsford. I had a clamp put on my bike for parking in a place that was otherwise absolutly void of any possible use. Depends on the complex I guess, mines pretty strict.
  5. My apartment has dedicated bike parking but it is relatively new.

    Just speak to security or strata directly first and ask them where you can park.
  6. The last bloke I did it to used to stink up the whole block with cheap cigars. Believe me, putrefaction was an improvement :sick:.
  7. Now that was funny :)
  8. Srata politics have brought me closer to going berserk with a large, blunt instrument than any other single cause.

    Never, ever again unless I am the strata company.
  9. that's when you call the cops saying you haven't seen any sign of said officious old git in number of days/weeks.

  10. Thats why the door is sealed. :)

    In any case, the smell of their dead rotting flesh is almost certainly going to be an improvement on the smell of unwashed underwear, stale urine and old boiled cabbage that will be the normal miasma emanating from their apartments.
  11. Epoxy all the windows and if you can backfill his plumbing as well, this fixes it.
  12. Oh FFS get away
  13. Got lift? Just roll her inside, much safer. As long as the engine is not running, it's nobody's business.
  14. I think it also depends on the location you park it.

    I get away with similar in the carpark at work - I'm careful though not to crowd anyone else or block access to any doors, firehoses and the like. Building super has only said "good morning" so far.
  15. Has anyone done this on a regular occasion and got away with it?

    I did it once with the postie when the main garage door wouldn't work, up the lift and out the lobby, not sure if I would do it everyday.
  16. I wouldn't dare in my apartment.
    Cameras in every elevator and also leaving tire tracks will annoy many people.
  17. #17 lui, Mar 12, 2011
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    Push bikes get away with it, push bikes with electric motor get away with it, push bikes with petrol engine get away with it, so what's wrong with motorcycles?

    I wouldn't worry about the cameras, rolling a motorcycle up the elevator is no different than using a trolley to move a large piece of furniture. Does your strata limit the number of times people can move their stuff?

    By the way, a motorcycle is around 200kg, the weight of 2 to 3 people, so a typical residential lift should handle it fine, unless yours is a Goldwing.
  18. I've always had a bizarre knack for ingratiating myself with said old git with zero effort almost every time. Somehow I always become the "lovely tall fellow with the motorcycle" who is exempted from such rules. Even in my sister's apartment block where she is not nearly as popular.

    Yes, I am special. :p

    You'll do much better to identify the old git and ask if they mind rather than find out that they don't like surprises. Of course, if you look like PatB you're shit out of luck.
  19. I am renting at the moment and have been parking my bike on common property and no one has said anything.

    I parked my car in the same spot one for like 20mins, came back down and there was a note on there saying it is common property and not to park there.

    I guess it all depends on your strata and said old codgers who love to cause trouble, because well they are incredibly old and cranky, and have nothing better to do with their day since they dont have to work.
  20. Not in this country, but I knew a bloke in the UK who had 4" over forks on his chop 'cos it wouldn't fit in the lift with 6" overs on. But then, in the average UK council block with its crack dens and terrorist bomb factories, a Bonnie leaking on the 12th floor landing is small potatoes.