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[NSW] Parking & Tolls - Sydney area

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by uncosnail, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. I am riding up to Sydney on Saturday from Melbourne. Have been researching the net about parking and tolls and this forum, still confused.

    Do you have to pay tolls on all tollways in NSW? Are you charged the same rate as a car? I have an etag account in VIC, so they said, that they will match it to my car, and I should be fine. I have even read that some motorbikes riders can wear a tag around their arm?

    With the parking, I understand that you can't park on footpaths etc. So when you go shopping, do you just take up a whole parking spot meant for a car with your bike? In the big multi level car parks, do you have to park in a bay or can you just find a little nook or cranny, which is out of the traffic's way and park your bike there? I am thinking about the car park at Warringah Mall.

    I also understand that in Sydney itself they have motorcycle car parks and that you can park for free for 1 hour. Can you just go and share a spot with another motorbike?

    Any other tips or tricks?
  2. You can use your Vic eTag in NSW.

    NSW RTA info --> http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/tourists_visitors.html

    Yes you have to pay tolls on a motorbike. Same price as cars. Don't wear your eTag as it may injure you in an off. The eToll companies will match your vehicle number plate to your account. If for some reason they don't then you'll get a notice in the mail which will include an admin fee. Don't pay it but call the eToll company (from work ;) ) and ensure they charge the amount to your account instead. Refer them to the RTA page above if they get antsy.

    Parking is a bit of lottery depending on the "controlling" authority for the area you wish to park in. Definitely no partking on footpaths. Share your parking with other bikes. Sydney city allows free MC parking anywhere that a vehicle can park except loading zones. However you must abide by the time restrictions. There are lots of MC specific parking areas (with no time limit) but they fill up pretty early in the day during the week (not sure about weekends). As for the privately managed parking areas such as shopping centre car parks park in marked spots to ensure no tow-aways but you should be OK as long as you are not blocking any throughfares or access. In theory you have to pay the specified amount to use the private parking but in most cases you can slip past the end of the boom gate and freedom (and profit) :D

    Be prepared for extremely shitty traffic around the shopping centres at this time of year. Particularly agressive soccer mums in giant 4WDs and "alpha" males showing how butch they are by driving very fast in a car park to esnure they get to the next available spot first.

    Final tip - Enjoy the ride!

    Fun Ha!
  3. i live near warringah mall. car spots are fine to park in. i have parked right near the entrance of one of the several car parks and got a sticker from security telling me not to park there. hence use a full car spot.

    tolls: you pay the same as a car. you dont have to carry your tag. it will get picked up by cameras.

    you can ride in bus lanes, but not "bus only" lanes.

    transit lanes are good too.

    on the M2 motorway you cannot use the bus lane ( the only "bus lane" you cannot use ).

    in the city of sydney council area you may legally park in any green car spot and not pay ( make sure you know you are in the city of sydney boundaries ) during the indicated hours. there has also been a big increase in bike parking bays around sydney.

    the royal botanic gardens, park in the bike spots only, not cars. most council car parks allow you the same free time as cars get.
  4. Thanx guys for the info, (nothing beats info from the locals) I am amazed that you guys have to pay the same price as cars on the toll ways, we have it good in Victoria. I am staying at my parents place in Palm Beach, Northern Beaches in Sydney
  5. thats a nice ride up there.

    check out wakehurst parkway, akuna bay and west head also. all near palm beach.

    the toll situation blows, but nothing beats riding in the bus lane to work past everyone else...
  6. Tolls blow, I avoid them like the plague. You can rack up over $30 in a return journey. However there are many ways to avoid them. I take the philosophy of if time saved turns out more then $30 an hour then (which is true for every toll except harbor crossings) then don't go the toll way. After all $30 an hour is reasonable pay, especially for riding a bike around.
  7. The wakehurst parkway is kinda extremely boring. Go do the old pacific, palm beach, wise-man's ferry, galston gorge, McCarrs reek road etc as often as possible. And taking the wakehurst parkway in peak traffic is a false economy, you'll do better on pittwater road commuting to/from the city. And Watch the speed cameras.

    When going via pittwater road/spit road/military road to the city, there are camera's at:

    Pittwater road, narrabeen, opposite the petrol stations before the narrabeen bridge.

    Pittwater road, Collaroy beach/narabeen, next to 7/11.

    A mobile camera hangs out at the beginning of the curves around long reef past collaroy shops on pittwater road

    There are the camera's on the hill past spit bridge, as well as at the top of the hill on spit road.

    there is a "safety camera" at the first set of lights after you round the corner onto military road off spit road.

    That's about it :)
  8. uncosnail, be aware that the hill down from Bungan (next suburb north of Mona Vale) to Newport frequently has a radar trap near the bottom.

    +1 for McCarrs Creek Rd, I live in Mona Vale so there's always an excuse to take a blat up there. Be careful though; like the Nasho, it attracts the lycra brigade riding anything up to 3 wide on the weekends... and then there's the odd HWP up the Terry Hills end.

    @music - I've never spotted that mobile camera at Long Reef, everyone talks about it though. Didn't know about the safety camera on Military Rd, thanks... don't go that way often.
  9. McCarrs creek pretty much taught me to ride. That place was made for 250's. Highly recommended. I used to live up in mona vale too, and I probably spent as much time studying as I did riding up and down that road in my HSC year.

    One more tip: the whole route from avalon to the city nearly always has an RBT somewhere along it most nights. So long as you aren't hammering, they wont bother you though.

    @blaise: I have seen it here: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=-33.74015,151.303035&spn=0.002476,0.004549&t=h&z=18 southbound, opposite the tennis courts.
  10. If your Vic eTag is good for NSW Tollways, then they should be able to just cross reference your numberplate to your account. As above, if you get a toll notice, call them, and they will deduct it from your account without the $10 admin fee.

    Sydney City Council has a policy where you can park in a 'ticket parking' spot, without needing to buy a ticket, for the amount of time (e.g. park free for 2 hours in a 2 hour zone, when a car would have to pay). It only applies to the City of Sydney Council area. Most other councils you still have to buy a ticket, leave it on your bike somewhere, and someone will steal it...

    Some councils have Motorcylce parking.. mostly just take up a whole spot...

    You can't park on the footpath anywhere...

    Bus Lanes are OK, bus only lanes are not...

  11. Thanx guys, I live in Palm Beach for around 10 years, so know a lot of the great roads, but have only done them in my car. Arrived yesterday, and rode from Melbourne to Sydney in one day. Rode through the rain, hail, wind and locusts. There weren't many locusts as the guy at the Wagga servo, said the wind was keeping them away. Saw some of the flood damage in Wagga. A lot harder to filter in Sydney traffic, due to narrower lanes, but the Sydney traffic don't seem to worry about the speed limit as much as they do in Melbourne.
  12. Thanks for the heads up music... now I know where to look in future ;)
  13. Geeze you guys in NSW have it easy when it comes to Fixed Speed Cameras.

    You've got so many warning signs before them you've got to be blind to get caught.

    S'pose living in the spiritual home of the hidden camarea, Victoria, we are used to having to play hide and seek any time we hit the highway.....