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NSW - parking on the footpath...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cosmo_sydney, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. whats the rule with parking on the footpath in nsw (and other states for that matter) - is it allowed? if so, where and when?

  2. In NSW, no (may be changing in the not to distant future)
  3. Yeah its not legal but we all do it, just be careful where you do it.
  4. Hehe. No its not legal, but backstreet hidy holes go unchecked. Heres hoping we're allowed too soon..
  5. Ahhh the advantage of living in the country.

    As one Corowa cop said, some councils in our area allow it others dont.
    Mr Charmed parks on footpath while @ work. It's about the only time he does.

    We will park both bikes in 1 space, especially during the height of tourist season. Taking your bikes life in your hands if parking on footpath during that time.
  6. Dare I ask what happens if I bike is found parked illegally on the footpath? Who enforces this law - the parking inspectors?
  7. NOW is the time for a revolution in motorcycle parking!
    Riding on the bow wave of scooter popularity, all motorcyclists in the unenlightened states must now rise up and DEMAND that their governments grant their their natural, rational and entirely reasonable RIGHT to park on the footpath!!!!
    Never will you get a bettter opportunity to push for this wrong to be righted. The overwhelming public discontent with traffic congestion will give you the ammunition you need. Use Victoria and Europe as case studies, and get together with your clubs and lobby groups to launch a campaign NOW!
    Think of our poor oppressed brothers and sisters in WA, who in some areas are not allowed to park ANYWHERE, FFS!
    My motivation is simple: if it becomes national law, Melbourne F%^&ing City Council can't take it away from ME! :grin:
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  8. titus - have you ever investigated what would happen in some other cities if you introduced blanket footpath parking? Sydney city for example would choke as the footpaths are much more narrow and have more people on them than melbourne. Out in the suburbs it could be useful, but from my pov, is more useful to stop the bike being backed into rather than finding a spot to park. I'm all for footpath parking, but it will need some work to introduce it in a manner that doesn't upset the pedestrians.
  9. We get a rough trot in many respects, but I don't see why we should be allowed to obstruct a footpath.

    Even if you leave access past your vehicle, as required by law in Victoria, you are still reducing the flow capacity of the footpath. It would create chaos in the Sydney CBD.

    Sorry guys, I'm not with you on this one.
  10. Weak ibast, weak. Easy solution would be only allowed to park if 'x metres is left between the end of the bike and the curb'. To ensure people only park where there is a lot of space, 'x' could be 10 metres.
  11. maybe there's something in that, but you are starting to restrict the possibilities and potentially getting a lot of the general public off side in the process
  12. Yes, the possibilities need to be restricted. Even with the regulation I suggested, it would create alot of bike spots. I don't see why the public would be annoyed if there is still 10 metres+ of sidewalk.. perhaps just envious of us? :D
  13. There's no reason footpath parking couldn't work anywhere. Sydney included. :roll:

    First off the Victorian guidelines are available here... PDF 231kb.

    The regulations permitting this are VicRoads - not Melbourne City Council and apply across the entire state. While Melbourne may have some wide footpaths in the CBD there are also a lot of narrower laneways - Flinders Lane, Little Collins St etc. Motorcycle footpath parking is no problem in these narrow areas and where it has been an issue the Council has issued an exemption and put signs up saying "no motorcycle parking" in a (very) few places.

    The guidelines suggest one motorcycle length be left between the motorcycle and the building lines and one motorcycle wheel diameter between the kerb and the motorcycle. You'll notice there's stuff about cafes and manhole covers ebeing left clear etc. etc. but that's all pretty obvious stuff.

    Bear in mind that the guidelines are voluntary guidelines. THey work particularly well in Melbourne (and other Victorian cities) and there are rarely any problems. If someone has parked inappropriately then council inspectors generally just leave a note (and in at least one case) a copy of the guidelines on the bike.

    I'm aware that Sydneysiders are often claimed to be more agressive, rude, selfish and obnoxious than those of us who live in an enlightened state (that's the common view - not mine :p ) :LOL:

    but I believe that even in Sydney, motorcyclists (and even some scooter riders :p ) are quite capable of acting in their own best interests and not abusing the privilege of footpath parking if it's given to them. Especially if it's accompanied with a sensible advertising campaign pointing out the guidelines.
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    Excuse me will I dry my eyes and change my trousers... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. and it probably shouldn't need pointing out, but riding on sidewalks is also illegal in NSW.

    but it feels so gooooood
  16. I think it works in Melbourne because the other 4 people that don't ride, personally know the one person who does.
  17. Hmm... Sydney must only have the same number of riders then.

    From ATSB figures.

    2000-2006 average % of total national registration of motorcycles for each state.

    NSW 26%

    Vic 26%

    Qld 24%

    SA 7%

    WA 13%

    TAS 2%

    NT 3%

    ACT 1%

    (the actual number each year move around a bit - some years Vic has more than NSW, other years NSW has more than Vic but generally both the same - on a percapita basis Victoria certainly has more than NSW...)
    :p :p
  18. i must concur with the idea that although space is restricted in sydney, guidelines and common sense could make parking on the street work in such a way that pedestrians are only midly affected by it.

    has anyone here received a ticket for or been told by parking inspectors/police about not parking on the footpath?
  19. I've heard of some that have.