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[nsw] Parking fine...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, simple question im passing on from a friend.

    She has received a parking ticket for not paying for parking etc in a bay where you need to show the printed ticket in your windscreen.

    She had bought a ticket and stuck it so it was clearly visible and secure (wind, etc), but it appears that someone else wanted it more then she did and filched it.
    Fortunately she had the presence of mind to use her phone to take a photo of both the ticket, and the ticket in place on her bike.

    The question is: Does she now go to a magistrate in the local court house and get them to review outside of court? Contesting in court would be ridiculous considering its only about $80... Maybe try contacting the SDRO?
  2. This is what I just don't get?????
    How on earth do you prove otherwise after someone's taken your ticket? Not applicable to VIC but I don't see why you have to pay for parking for a bike in NSW where the actual ticket is subject to theft quite easily.
    I'd definately be contesting this.
  3. write to the sdro ( if they issued the fine ) and send in the photographic evidence
  4. can you read the ticket in the photo? is there a zoomed version of just the ticket?

    these can be sorted out with a letter.
  5. Yeah you can clearly read the ticket in both photos i saw.
    Righto ill let her know to try the SDRO.
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  7. how ridiculous.

    I think the only good thing Clover Moore has done is make motorcycle parking free across the Sydney CBD for this reason, though I noticed a few parking meters at North Sydney are ticketless, and you pay for the booth you are parked in.... I bet it will end up coming to that.
  8. Yeah nicko thats how parking used to be in newcastle - pay for the bay... the ticket in your windscreen system is pretty stupid.
  9. Send them a letter saying you had a ticket, include your evidence and your intention to not pay and consider the matter concluded.
    They won't chase you unless they really thing they can get something, which they won't.
  10. The offence is failing to display the ticket, not failing to pay...they could press on and it is a matter of laws unbeknown to me whether a magistrate would have the ability to strike out the matter despite the offence being proven. Your cause of action is against the person who stole it, not the party charging you...but hopefully common sense strikes at the source of this and they withdraw the fine.
  11. They changed it to the ticket as it gets more revenue as if someone leaves early you cant use their remaining minutes you have to pay.
  12. Hehe figures Vertical.
    The letter left yesterday... er... day before (wednesday). Asked her to keep me informed ;).
  13. Hey all heard from my friend today and she says that the SDRO wrote back cancelling the fine for her, but reminding her that the ticket must be displayed next time... even though it was stolen this time :p.
    I was impressed, thats a fast turn around time for a government office!

    Anyway, happy ending.
    Cheers for the suggestions to pass on.
  14. I had a conversation with a parking inspector on the Gold Coast when this happened to me.

    Anyways, he said for a bike its obviously not logical to try and leave it there on display.. so he told me to buy the ticket as normal and keep it in my wallet.
    If a parking inspector sticks a fine on the bike, mail the fine and ticket to the address on the back of the fine with a small note and they cancel it.

    Perhaps if you used these carparks a lot you could get a spare rego label holder, and secure it to the front of the bike with the ticket safely inside..
  15. ignore it because it flew away in the wind, or someone stole it. That would make your point for you.