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[NSW] Parking fine - Lost ticket

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bradc1988, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Hey, I'm just curious about my course of action in this situation. I parked in the National Park and apparently got a parking ticket for not having a valid pass. It is claimed that the ticket was put on my bike, but when I got there it wasn't. As I was unaware of getting it (it's only a $12 fine where you basically pay a days admittance), I obviously missed the date to pay and was made aware of the infringement by a $100 fine I got in the mail two weeks later.

    I'm assuming there is practically nothing I can do that would be cheaper than the fine itself, it just riles me that if they are going to give it to me at least tape it to the bloody handlebars. I would have happily paid the $12 if I'd known I'd been fined.


  2. Write to them and tell them exactly that.
    That you would be happy to pay the original $12.00 but not the $100.
  3. Write to who though? This fine is from the State Debt Recovery Office and I don't think they would be interested in my story, the only option on the ticket is to contest it in court.

    Hmm I just went through their site and they have a "Request a review" I might try out.
  4. Yes. You write to the State Debt Recovery Office.
  5. No. Go to the information centre at Audley.

    AFAIK the fine is only $12 if you got in the park before the gates opened. otherwise it's quite a bit more I believe. I could also be wrong about that.
  6. I found out it was $12 from a friend who got one for his car a few weeks prior, he had entered around midday and got the ticket at about 4pm. I've filled out a review form for the SDRO, I'll look into the Audley centre.

  7. If they have told you that they put the fine on the bike, give them the same reply.
    Tell them that you paid at the gate, as you were stopping in the park, and the ticket was placed on your tank, handlebars, e.t.c.
    Your word would be as good as what they say.
    Maybe mention that Sydney City Council stopped bikes using parking slips, as they blow away, and obviously , in this case, that is what has happened....