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[NSW] Parking at the Aust Technology Park in Eveleigh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tc2233, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. So the boss says to me that he is thinking of moving our small business over to the ATP in Eveleigh/Redfern.

    Does anyone know about parking over there for tenants with bikes?

    I've heard there are some motorcycle specific places there somewhere, just wondering if anyone knows if they fill up, and if you able to use them for free?

  2. I work there (here) and bring my bike every day. There's always a spot. There are some designated ones near the National Innovation Centre which rarely fill up. It's normally just me and another bike with a couple scooters. But if they do none of the security guards mind if you put it in the corners of the main parking area. Yes all free - just scoot around the edges of the car barriers.

    There's also the bonus of the whole place being covered in cameras. Not sure if people are watching all the time but makes me feel safe leaving it there (even over a weekend if Friday arvo drinks went a bit far ;) )

    My boss is thinking of moving us away from here and I'm bummed. If I were you, I'd push to move here.
  3. That's great info, thanks djay!

    The ATP would be actually closer to home too, so cant see how it wont be better all round for me now I know I can get a park there easily enough too.