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[NSW] Parking at 1P-2P areas all day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stillevil, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Here is the question to anyone who tried to pull this off or doing this on regular basis. Supposedly you parked your motorcycle in one of those 1P-2P areas residential or not so areas with the intention to leave the motorcycle for the period longer that the sign permits. You do not take the whole parking bay (if any) but take a small spot in-between cars. Under normal circumstances you have a pretty high chance of receiving a fine.

    If we think about the main prerequisite for receiving the fine is that the parking officer must actually record your license plate to issue a ticket. It is illegal to remove license plate and even if you do so I read that "unregistered" vehicles may get towed away or clamped. This is not a desired outcome obviously.

    Here is the thing. While at home I always store my motorcycle in the secure parking lot under a textile cover to keep it clean from dust and deter strangers from sitting on it while I'm not around. Most of such covers have a clamp underneath to hold both rims together to keep it sleek and fight the wind. Such covers don't take a lot of space and can be easily put in the backpack and taken anywhere with you.

    While utilizing any of those 1P-2P parking zone in-between cars (to keep the parking capacity) for longer periods, did anyone ever try to cover the motorcycle entirely and use certain tricks so that the cover could not be removed by anyone except for you and so that the parking officer would not be able to check if you have a parking permit in this area or simply take a record of your plate number to issue a ticket.


    It sounds dodgy but are there any legal consequences doing this?

  2. I've approved this thread with some trepidation as it's bound to attract some criticism. But just in case someone thinks this is a great idea, let's try and debate sensibly.

    For a start, in areas of ticket parking and the like, proof of purchase must be visible to the parking inspector.
    And parking between cars would seem, to me, to contravene the conditions of use.
    I would expect a parking inspector to be able to take reasonable steps to determine the owners identity.
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  4. Sometimes you may need to park outside of CBD boundaries. For example, today I had to go to the client to do some work for the whole day in Kogarah. The only place reasonably close to the building has a back street with 2P parking restrictions hence the topic. The street doesn't have parking bays, just an ordinary back street but it is constantly patrolled by parking inspectors. A parked motorcycle there would not interfere with anyone at all but may draw unnecessary attention from patrols.

    Please note, I'd like to urge contributors not to deviate from the topic suggesting undesirable solutions like "find another place to park" or "observe time restrictions", etc.
  5. If I understand what you're saying, your topic is about taking measures to avoid identification when you (may) choose to park longer than the allowed time (?)
    The way I see it, council would be within their rights to try and thwart you. I think we'd be guessing as to how, but by all means let's hear anyone's experience.
  6. Exactly. The implicit (hidden) intention is to take measures to avoid identification. The explicit excuse is to keep motorcycle from harsh weather conditions, potential thieves observing the bike, etc by putting the cover over it and strapping it underneath.
  7. If you were adept at sewing, etc, you could modify a cover like the one pictured to replace the elastic in the hem with small wire rope with loops on the end and of an appropriate length to secure the cover like the elastic does, tightly so that the cover cannot be lifted, except you would use a padlock to secure the looped ends together..

    I will note that I feel such conniving tactics for personal gain won't be doing much to improve the public image of motorcyclists though.
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    Council may also (rightly) determine that a padlocked cover would not be used by a motorcyclist intending to only stay for 1 or 2 hrs

    Unregoed vehicles typically get a big, hard to remove council sticker on windscreen/tank, but unless in a clearway, or snobby suburb, very unlikely to get towed within a week.

    However, Bike with no plate may attract attention of thief with Ute or truck :p

    Your client should pay or provide parking.. cheapskates :p

    One more thing, cops REALLY DO pay attention to unregoed or unplated vehicles that suddenly turn up in a new place.

    In my experience, they will come and check it out that day, 'cos trying to curtail unregoed vehicles being used on the road and often stolen cars will have plates removed when dumped or after a crime. So be careful when removing plates :)
  9. Actually the cover does not necessarily needs to be padlocked. It is already pretty tight and with the default strap can be tightened even harder.

    What kind of a parking inspector would like to mess with the cover anyway, fiddling with the strap just to make it possible to lift the rear end and check the plate of the vehicle which does not interfere with the capacity of the street parking?

    Anyway, I guess when I have extra money in my pocket to pay a parking fine, out of curiosity, I might experiment covering the motorcycle :)
  10. Which kind of inspector? The anal ones..

    Which parking inspectors are anal? All of them :)
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  11. I'm can't really visualise parking between 2 cars. But it sounds like a recipe to get your bike knocked over.

    I'm in Vic, so no need to use car spaces most of the time. If I do, I try to position the bike so it can be seen by cagers.
  12. Different state, but...

    All vehicles registered in Victoria must have number plates that are:
    • clearly visible from a distance of 20m
    • displayed at the front and back of the vehicle (except for motorbikes and trailer - these only need one number plate attached to the back at least 30cm off the ground).
    All number plates should be:
    • affixed in an upright position
    • no more than 1.3m off the ground
    • clean
    • free from covers, tints or other reflective surfaces that could interfere with plate reading devices
    If your vehicle makes it difficult for you to meet these requirements, you need to make them as closely as possible.

    I reckon they'd do you on grounds similar to these.
  13. I was not long ago parked at a meter in Wollongong without paying eating lunch,no other vehicles close in this back street and under a shady tree. Council parking dickhead comes around the corner. I say I am just leaving, he says put a $1 in the meter NOW or he will take a pic of my car and send me a fine me $170 or what ever it is for not paying. I managed to swallow any comments about Nazi death camp jobs and his ability to do them and payed the Dollar while he smiled and watched.Never underestimate the intentions of these types. They do these jobs for a reason.
  14. Parking between two cars leaves you open to one car leaving and a larger car trying to fit in the space with concomitant consequences.
  15. ...............that's a bummer of a job
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  16. yeah a real sh1tty job that one
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  17. lol, an eye for an eye
  18. well.. if it was a paid parking space.. and you were in a cage.. and didn't pay...

    if it's where I'm thinking, 50m down the road is not metered parking..
  19. I didn't leave the car,and the street was mostly empty, just sitting and eating in the shade of a tree.
  20. that would be defined as stopping? or is that limited to 3 minutes?
    anyways, no-one likes paid parking in Wollongong.. bit of a crock