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NSW - P1 penalty for carrying pillion passenger

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by osamabanana, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. hey guys today i saw a rider on their red p's carrying a passenger and it got me wondering what the fine and demerit points for this is. The weird bit about it is he didn't even bother removing his p plate so any cop would have known he was breaking the law immediately.

    Anyway is anybody aware of what the penalty is? thanks

  2. Google "Road Rules 2008 NSW"

    And "Road Rules Regulations"

    You can get all that information there.
  3. i'd imagine its for not riding as per license conditions, 2 points and about $200. There may be a specific penalty for it that is worse though.

    As for not removing the p-plate, that really is the way to go. If he got caught it would be an extra 2 points and $200 for the same offence as above due to no plates. Same goes for speeding, anytime I planned on doing freeway speeds on the freeway, I always kept my plates on simply because it wasn't worth the extra points. Cops are pretty lenient on freeways anyway, so if I wouldn't be breaking the road limit I would be fine.
  4. well after an hours searching ive only come up with a vague answer that it comes up under not following conditions of license or something, and that it may or may not carry points
  5. if you dont want to accept an answer when a few have been given to you, why bother asking. And it seems that you are wrong, on both counts.
  6. Riding unlicensed + riding uninsured, assuming they're not licensed to pilion as well. Two separate fines, both a few hundred and 3 points each. Not to mention if you end up in an accident, insurance wont cover you or a third party involved.
  7. It's quite possible that the P-plater was actually the pillion at the time...whilst I'm sure the rules are broken, I've seen a few situations where a P (or L) plater needed to give a lift to a fully licensed rider using their bike and rode pillion while the fully licensed rider took charge.
  8. bingo ---- tis very possible - though it then becomes an offence for the fully licensed rider to have a p plate showing
  9. I'm not sure that is an offence is it?

    Otherwise things like driving school cars that are adorned permanently with L plates couldn't be driven by licensed drivers could they?

    It used to be a great loophole - whilst you are compelled to display the vehicle's registration plate and any supplementary L or P plates, there was nothing that stopped you from displaying a few other registration plates too - buggers up the speed cameras a treat.
  10. yes it is. I have seen and know people who have been booked for not removing the "L" plates after their kid has stopped driving. IIRC there is no demerit point, but it is a cash grab.

    That is why Driving school cars have reversible or removable plates.
  11. sorry i didn't see the other replies when i posted that. looks like a $250 fine and 3 points. So obviously you have to way up the chances of being pulled over without plates and losing your license or leaving your plates on and being a sitting duck for the police
  12. There is another option you know... :-k:-k