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[NSW] P Platers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TWEET, Jul 1, 2007.


    Today, July 1st the new P plater restrictions become enforceable, and you can bet there are some Police just itching to take your license off you.

    Get caught for ANY speeding offence, and your license is GONE!
  2. ok now i'm confused... My understanding is that the caught for seeding = license gone goes for all P platers...

    The minister for NSW roads said it was just for RED P platers on the news last night... Which is it?
  3. Try the RTA website. They have all the information.

    And guess what - they even have the road rules there which I'm sure is the most under-utilised page on the entire RTA website.
  4. I'm on Ps for both car and bike so I'm getting taken pretty hard right now.. I'm eligible for greens, just need to go down and take the fund generating, redundant test. Not that it matters a whole lot, I only drive once a month.
  5. my license is safely tucked away at home with my bike
    thanks for the warning anyway, Tweety
  6. green p's are as normal the only change for them is that you must have plates on outside of car. all the other changes affect red P platers and L's but as far as i know the above is the only change for green P's