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[NSW] P plate restrictions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. On green Ps... what are the licence restrictions?? LAMS or fully licenced?

  2. There are no green P's for motorcycles, it's 3-6 months L's, 12-18 months red P's and then unrestricted/open.

    If you have car green P plates, you don't get any special benefit either

    The way the licence schemes work, you can have your unrestricted motorcycle licence by the time you're 18, and still have another 2 years of restricted driving.
  3. ok so i had my vic learners for 1 year then got ps and have had them for 15 months.
    I dont have a car licence, im 20 years old.
    what nsw licence does that translate to? 3 months from being unrestricted?
  4. I'm not sure, you'd have to ring the RTA for a definite answer, but as you've had your P's (for motorbike i presume) for 15 months, and the requirement here is for 12 months, you could possible go straight to unrestricted. There isn't a test or anything you need to do to do so, so there doesn't seem to be anything in your way. But best to ring the RTA and find out