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[NSW] Oxley Hwy Run, Sun May 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Dominic

    this ride has been organised in place of the learners run which has been postponed.

    basic outline is meet at the Asquith BP at 0250h, fill up, leave 0300 SHARPE.
    -old pac to gosford
    -F3 to Hexham (fuel stop)
    -back on...

    ... more

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  2. I can't turn down a challenge like a 2:30am meet. I will (96.5% sure) be there.
  3. ill meet u guys at hexam. im definitely in for this ride! :) what time do u think u will be at hexam??
  4. 9 oclock, I do my killing after breakfast.
  5. That's some ride.

    Gostwyck Hwy is a nice run - did it in Feb, well graded and no worries on road bikes

    Just over an hour from Asquith at that time of the morning.
  6. When did that happen!?
  7. Jared,

    Happened last Tuesday morning just passed the toll gates on the harbour bridge. A BMW driver cut me off and while avoiding that impact another car came across me and impacted :shock:

    I have a sore hand and a scrap on my knee (straight through the leather pants). Other than that im fine :grin: All the bike parts have been ordered, so new helmet and gloves (head did not hit the ground but i want a new one anyway :cool: ) plus bike repairs and im back on the black stuff!
  8. OOH, Not the HYO!!!!!

    Glad you are OK Nathan, Shame about the Damage to the bike tho .....

    Nathan, I think I was telling you about the Oxley Hwy on the Putty run a while back, this is a 'must do' ride for anybody with a bike!!

    If you guys are leaving Syd at 3am, you should probaly be at Hexham around 4:15 - 5:15am depending on how much of the Old Pacific Hwy you take out of Syd, from Gosford/Kariong, its about 40-50min to Hexham on the F3, and the 'Old Rd' from Syd to Kariong is about 40min during the day so maybe a bit longer in the dark, watch out for wildlife .....

  9. hey guys
    sorry i didnt get onto it earlier.
    just a couple of things to consider if you come
    1/ make sure you bike is roadworthy
    2/ bring water, buy a camel back if you dont already have one, they are a great investment, and being dehydrated WILL make you drousey
    3/ we are going on dirt, chain lube is always a good thing to do after dirt, and the sort of kilometres we are doing.
    4/ tyre puncture repair kit are always never needed when you have one, and always needed when you dont have one.

    sorry i have to mention obvious crap, but your mother wont tell you any of this stuff :LOL: :p

    hope to see more people come along, it will be a long hard day but a very rewarding one!

  10. Rougly how many kms do you think the trip will be?
  11. do u know yet? :)
  12. Take real good care guys. This sort of trip has "danger" written all over it. Leaving Sydney at 03:00 and geting back 18hrs later ??
    Sounds fun, and might be if people are well rested. You will find it hard to get quality sleep before the trip due to the "excitement" and anticipation factor.
    By mid afternoon your concentration levels will be well down. I regularly work 12hr shifts (day and night rotation) so I have a appreciation of the fatigue factor. The excitement and adrenalin of such an adventure will keep you pumped for most of the day, but the concentration level to keep going for 18hrs will be a real challenge. Why not incorporate a sleep over somewhere in the northern tablelands? (Tamworth\Armidale etc).
    Sounds a great ride, but too much in one day is a receipe for trouble.
    Break the trip with an overnight stay at a country pub. A good meal, a few social beers, a great nights sleep and a refreshed ride home on day two. Please give it some thought.
  13. Dom,

    I have a route to come back along the putty rd but i think it will just add too much more riding. Most likely another hour to two hours extra. Depending on how long the day takes i might just on the return trip hit the F3 all the way home.
  14. You're all nuts :shock:
  15. I think i will have to pass on this one Dom as the trusty old across is no longer with me :cry: and i dont really want to do this trip on a bike im not familiar with if i have one by then.
  16. ive changed the ride start time to 0400, after reviewing the amount of time the ride will actually take, and an extra hours sleep wouldnt hurt any of us.

    hey henno, we will hopefully be at haxham at about 530, where abouts in hexham do you want to meet?

    nath, the route will be fairly flexible, ie we may not take gostwyck to armidale, which takes an extra 40mins, and yeah i wouldnt consider the putty unless we got to glouster by 230, which frankly isnt likely, but its an option for us. our timings depend on how long we stop for, and our mean speed. the only stops other than lunch or breaky will be fuel stops, and once we hit a township we will regroup.

    pirtek, i really appreciate your concern mate. and yes like you, i work shift work too, sometimes up to 18 hours (dont you just love overtime pay?) i am also in the ADF, and sometimes we would be lucky to get anymore than 15 hours sleep in 5 days. but part of the challenge of this ride (for me) is dealing with the long distances. riding time itself is only about 13 hours, 5 hours to port mcquarie, 2 hours to walcha, one hour to armidale, 5 hours to sydney. i did this ride three weeks ago by myself so i know pretty well what we are in for. i have thought of a couple of systems also to keep people alert also. like i said in the ride description, "if you cant deal with long distances and fatigue, this isnt the ride for you".

    yes theyak we may be nuts, i know i am. i stayed up untill 4am on saterday night to fix my bike so i could get up at 630am and ride to mudgee via lithgow and back via singleton. for you it may be nuts, for me its the challenge, have you ever heard of the far riders group?

  17. Not many people will be up for a ride of this length. If you are considering going, make sure you understand just how long you will be on that bike of yours. You are talking (without doing the fine calculations) 1000+km and given your average speed will be well below 100km/h, that is a huge ride even for the experienced.

    The previous advice to stay overnight somewhere should be well heeded. I did the Bucketts and Thunderbolts last weekend, and the roads are in pretty good condition, with a short dirt (lots of potholes but no loose stuff)section just outside Walcha on the Armidale side. Myself and a group of mates came back from Coffs, via Dorrigo, Ebor, Armidale, Walcha, Gloucester, Raymond Terrace, F3 finally home to Sydney and it was only about 720km, but it was a long long and tiring day on the bike, and we were moving at speed in some parts.
  18. Are we doing thunder after armidale? Would mean I'd be able to crash armidale and ride back next day.
  19. it would depend on if your gunna need fuel at hexam. if so ill either meet u guys at the caltex(i think) over the bridge. as you get over the bridge i think that caltex is only 1km or so up the road, so i might meet u there. up for any alternative. im very keen for this ride dom, if u wanted to stay somewhere im fine with that, but im really keen on doin a big day! :wink:
  20. The bike will be back on the rd tonight :grin: Will be fitting a few extra parts plus all fairings and a few other little things.

    Im planning on cutting up my old bed roll for a bit more padding :LOL:

    Looking forward to the ride gents, its going to be hard, long, exhausting this will show the men from the boys.
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