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[NSW] Oxley Hwy Run, Sat Jun 16th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: dominic

    This is based on a ride that was scheduled about a month ago, but was cancelled.

    the ride this time is more or less the same.

    outline as follows:
    Meet: 0350h asquith BP on the pacific highway, just before the maccas.
    Depart 0400h SHARPE (if you...

    ... more

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  2. MEN!
    bullet and matchstick are already in.
    come on russ you know you want to!
    everyone else, it will be a long day in the saddle, but it will be rewarding!!

  3. This sounds like a challenge! I have a couple fo things to take care of on the bike, but I am keen to go. :cool:
  4. omg, breakfast at port macquarie :shock: this can't be good.

    You know i'm gonna need regular smoke and red bull stops dom :p

    Just one thing, as much as we love the old pac dom, maybe best to give it a miss this time, at 4 am it'll be freezing cold, slippery as hell, foggy as hell, pitch black, and still animals around. Might be worth givin that one a miss, up to you.


  5. not a bad idea paul. ill do a recce run one morning soon at a similar time. i keep on forgetting its winter ie mist and dew :cry: but paul i think you just had brown pants after the southern recce run! wombat ahoy! PHHAARK :p :LOL:
    the route is fairly flexible, im not that fussed. obviously the oxley and thunderbolts are not negotiable, their aint no point in riding 4 hours each way without doing em :grin:

  6. Sounds like good advice to me.

    I am definately in for this btw. Bike will be sorted by this weekend! :cool:
  7. I would avoid the Old Pacific Hwy at that time for reasons already stated, it will also save a bit of ride time overall.

    It's a huge day, I'm thinking about it :? :?

    Might go up Friday night to Newcastle, and meet up Sat morn with other Novocastrians.
  8. I will be doing the full haul from Sydney. No soft options Tweet ha ha!! :LOL:
  9. Good to hear it will be going ahead. Hopefully i will be recovered from the eden ride thats if i get my bike back this year!!!

    Dom might have a few other riders from another forum im with and the best thing about them they all ride hyo's :grin: Cant wait to hear all the twins thundering up the hwy :cool:
  10. Ill see how i go, gonna be sitting on the sideline drinking beer with Geoff for a few months now. :(

    And think in the f@#ken work ute of all things :eek:
  11. yeah fair enough, might give the old pac a miss.
    good to hear you can make it mustard!
    tweet! you know you want to!

    nath, wouldnt i be a little out of place in a hyo ride? :LOL:

  12. Well at least which eer bike you take you've got a twin. Don't worry though, i'll be there to even it up just a lil with my 4 runnin at 19,000rpm :grin:
  13. Ooh, ohh, I've got a twin! :D
    But the not so hot kind... :'(

    I'll be coming unless struck down by the hand of work.
  14. paul?! with your i4 at 19 grand trying to do burnouts outside the bayview hotel again?!?! like on saterday night??

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    btw check your phone :LOL:

    jared, i thought you quite your job? and uni work doesnt count, ive got an exam on monday!!

  15. guys, heres an article on fatigue, if you havnt done some serious long distance stuff, its probably worth a look.
    ive posted the link with permission from dave, founder of the farriders group. they do lots of long distance rides, entry level is 1000kms in 24 hours, and they are asscosiated with the Iron Butts association in the states i think. the common goal for the farriders is riding long distances for the pure enjoyment of it.
    im hoping to participate in their next ride btw.
    check out their website at:
    well worth a squiz.
    thanks to dave for allowing me to post the link!

  16. Arent you a little out of place anyway :LOL: There will be one or two from sydney, tag alongs from Port Maquarie and Newcastle.

    Still not sure if i will make the ride anyway, the dealer still has not rang Hyosung for the warranty work on the gearbox and he has had my bike for two weeks now :mad:
  17. Sounds like you need to ring him every day and harass him to get it done.

    I won't have uni work after this thursday, and I did quit my job. But I've been, and I'm going job hunting - need to work these holidays.. BADLY lol..
  18. Are there going to be L or P platers on this ride?

  19. I know there will be some P plates coming along, but this will be a hard ride and we will be going faster than 80kph.
  20. Happy to help when riders are getting out and seeing the country not just riding on the same old same old.

    Have fun everyone, thats what its all about. If you don't have fun doing it then why bother.