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[NSW] Oxley Hwy and Waterfall Way, Fri Apr 18th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: TWEET

    Well time to go again, and see some of the best bike roads in Oz. This is 3 day ride, and Waterfall Way via Armidale, Ebor and Dorrigo, is negotiable. A day can be spent wandering around Port Mac if we don't do Waterfall Way, it will make a relaxing tr...

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  2. In. I will have uni until 11 though so I'll either skip that or freeway it up to meet you or just ride a few hours behind (because I'm used to that anyway :cool: ).
  3. im in but wont need the hotel/motel :LOL:

    gonna take a punt and guess your staying at sails?
  4. I'm definitely interested, and would want accommodation. I won't be able to confirm until closer due to work though, when's the confirmation cut-off date Tweet ?

    L-plater on the GS500F, but....umm....yeah I shouldn't hold y'all up too much :LOL: Might even be on my blacks by then if I pull digit out.

    FYI, the servo on the way into Dorrigo only has ULP. About 1 minute up the main drag past Juan's there is a little servo that has PULP for those that need and/or want it.
  5. early days but I wanna another piece of the oxley.

    Had the Oxley cherry popped last weekend and as they say, "once popped, can't stop" :shock:

    Ill know closer................but I am a definate/maybe/wannabe/shouldbe/gunna be/hopefully/certainty :LOL:
  6. Definitely to early to confirm, but scheduling it one week before the Anzac holiday was just brilliant! Not only it improves drastically my chances of going (and F#$% I wanna go!!!!) it might also (IMO) reduce the chances of the guys in blue crashing the party as they would be getting ready for the double demerits marathon! I'll be riding within legal limits as we always do anyway. :)
  7. wow! - I like it! (in a Borat like accent) very early to confirm but will put in my outlook calendar. :dance:
  8. Wish I could come tweet. If you move the date, let me know.
  9. I know it's a fair way off, but with my current work schedule, I don't have many weekends off, only 3 out of every 8.

    It will give you all time to move things around, and time for the rain to fark off.

    David, I won't publish the name of the place we stay at because we don't want others using it especially if they fcuk it up, and the owners say no more bike groups it won't be good for us.

    Karl, I'll see what I can do to shift it for you would be great to have Tex, yourself, phiz, Yak and Sausage roll man along. Sorry Dan, I would love to have you along if you were here, but with my shitty roster, weekends are few and far between for me now.

    Where's Browny hope you will be sorted by then too!

    I have the accomodation booked already, and once numbers are firm will start asking for payment.

    I have space for 10 in total and I am capping it there.

    The first 9 people to confirm, and pay up once I ask for payment will be the ones getting the beds. Payment not required upfront from those that I know, but others will need to pay to secure their spot.
    Any additional people are welcome to come along, but you will need to arrange your own accomodation.
    As organiser, I have first dibs on the main bedroom with queen bed and ensuite.

    So far the comfirmed inners are:

    Pie Man (PAID)
    Ed (PAID)
    Phiz (PAID)
    Cobes (pending payment - I'll give the details in the coming weeks)

    4 spots remaining!

    On this run, I would really like to make good time on the ride up, so that we are not geting to Port Mac after a long long day on the bikes and worn out. An early afternoon arrival will leave time for relaxing by the pool and time to arrange a nice BBQ, instead of everyone being so tired we just want to crash.
    Same for the 2nd day IF we decide to do Waterfall Way, rather than like the last ride which saw us do the loop over the Oxley out of Port and back in about 10 hours via Waterfall Way, it would be good to get it done in say 6-7 hours and leave some time to relax in the afternoon.

    This can be achieved not by simply upping the speed we travel at, but by limiting the rest stops to 10-15 mins instead of 30-60 mins lunch excepted. I will phone pub at Gloucester a few days ahead, so we don't wait for hours to get lunch, and will of course let Juan know too.

    So get organising!
  10. Definitely INNERS :!:

    Karl, keep an eye out for the sun to appear, can always do a 'leave work early on a Friday' run whenever.
  11. Tweet, I'll raise my hand for this run! Please let book in for this run! :twisted:
  12. Tweet, Bundy & I are in, I may have to find other accom' 'cause of Bundy!. Sorry mate, can't ride without her. If u move dates, consider moving back a week or so, because Bundy & I leave on Monday 21April for the" Rumble to the Rock" a run to Ayers Rock for Prostrate Cancer. I won't be back till around May 11th.

    Tex & Bundy
  13. No prob Tex, would be great to have you both there. Sux they won't alow pets, but I can see why not. I will see what the concensus is on the date, I can't do it 1 week earlier as i will down the snowy riding with another group.

    Might have to be 2 weeks earlier, but that still probably sausages Karl???
  14. I am a definate and if something does come up and I cannot make it, I will still pay my way and some lucky bugger will get it for free.
  15. fcukING IN :grin: :tantrum:
  16. I'm a starter if the date moves also.
  17. Hey browny, will you be riding the bird or will you have to hire a postie?? :LOL:
  18. In at this stage Tweet.....if you're taking one of the queen beds, ensuite, spa, massage room, home theatre ...then I'll put in my bids for the other one :grin:
  19. Steve, steve steve............... [-X :LOL:
  20. :shock: