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(NSW) Overhaul of demerit system and mobile camera markings

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Not mentioned in this article but worrying for us, is that i heard on the news tonight, 1 of the offences to lose demerit points now, Is failing to indicate.
    That will either mean nobody will be worried about indicating anymore, or they will blitz it as a cash cow while keeping drivers on the road, heres hoping it's the latter


  2. I can see them removing points from <10kmh over the speed limit offences. Alot more people they can fine without reducing their pool of licensed drivers on tap.

    In germany theres no points for anything under 20 over, only fines. I would support that here too.
  3. Im curious... At what range does your happy snap actually get taken?

    edit: Also, anyone know what they are trying to sneak in while doing this?
  4. More lenient = more taxing, sorry, fining.

    An election win?
  5. there is one very close to my house all the time. I posted photos of it before. so the range is about 3 to 10 metres. very close in this spot.

    mind you, coming the other way on sydney road balgowlah today, i saw Mr Plod pinging people with his radar gun in a school zone at about 60 metres. he was catching people too.

    what i want is the point scheme to go back to 2 yrs, instead of 3. they changed it to 3, from 2 some yrs ago.
  6. Hehehe both good answers.
    Election win there is no way at all... other parties only have to keep doing what they are doing - nothing. I dont know SQUAT about them or their policies, but so long as they dont stick their foot in their mouth, they will get in.

    Ok, so its actually basically as you PASS the vehicle, not 500m up the road (since they are meant to be good to 1km). Thats not so bad, and 50m should be enough for any slightly observant person.
  7. The cynic in me definitely reckons they were putting too many people off the roads, particularly with that double demerits bs you have.

    Still, better a fine than a suspension I guess.
  8. which idiot is giving taxi drivers two extra points. They should be taking 12 off them to make sure they drive in fear of their licence.
  9. I was about to /rage with this.

    But 50m for a mobile camera? I bet it will be a 30cmx30cm sign.

    50m is **** all when you're doing 100kph i.e. ~28m/s

    You might not recognise the sign with enough time to brake...

    Unfortunately I cannot trust a Liberal government. Votes going to Labor in any case :(
  10. Nope... from the press release:

  11. Crazy - I just read the list or offences which no longer carry demerit points. How can they say they're not safety related??!! ](*,)

    A shame they're not relaxing speeding laws but they're basically making the roads more dangerous by saying 'hey, it's ok to enter and leave a roundabout in whatever lane you so choose, screw everyone else they will just have to second guess what you might do'

    Good job NSW, keep it up 8-[

  12. +1 These drivers spend the most amount of time on the road, that extra time leads to more exposure of risk to themselves, their passengers and other road users. If I recall correctly, their BAC is less than other road users (0.02) surely their points should be the at least the same if not less. Hiding under the veneer of trying to protect their income does not work for me, if you lose your licence and need it for work there is little magistrates will be prepared to do for you.

    Regardless all this stuff is BS really, the only sure fire way of lowering any road toll is a greater police presence, driver training and good planning and maintenance of roads. If they shifted their focus to these areas instead of changing policy to reflect an extra point that probably cost a fortune to plan and implement we would be miles better off.
  13. This reinforces their attitude that speed is the only issue when it comes to safety. Let's encourage poor driving!
  14. What a joke that they think going 10kmh over the speed limit is somehow safer than these that have penalties reduced;
    - Not keep left of oncoming vehicle
    - Not keep left of centre on two-way
    - Not drive in roundabout in direction
    of traffic lane arrow (now ZERO points)

    Seems like a token bid to win votes. Sorry Keneally your time is UP, the tribe has spoken.

    IMO they should increase the tolerance to 10kmh over, remove points for speeding less than 20 over and make it 2 years before a license reset, not 3, and make offence punishments a sliding scale based on type of area and conditions (eg urban area, freeway, etc.) and give discretion to cops to not book if nothing was 'unsafe'.
  15. There seems to be little point in changing the non speeding offenses as there are no cops patrolling those only speed so it doesn't make any difference.
  16. Keep an eye out to see if they try and sneak in the whole "no tolerance" thing.
    Ie: 1kph over the limit = fine.
  17. they already tried going from a 10% buffer to static 4kph over didn't they?

    they now have:
    <10 over (1pt, $90)*
    10-20 (3pt, $211)*
    20-30 (4pt, $361)*
    Won't bother with the 30+ figures.
    *Added penalty for School zones and provisional drives, etc

    Sucks that low range is down from 15 to 10 but i'm glad its back down to 1 point again from 3.
  18. i just read in the Daily Telegraph (sydney) today that the penalty for driving in a bus lane is being reduced from 3 points to 1.

    so to all us riders that use bus lanes...the roads just got a whole lot more dangerous!!
  19. Why would you vote labor at the NSW state level - or more interestingly, why wouldn't you vote for the Libs at a state level? What makes them untrustworthy compared to who NSW has at the moment - a pack of corrupt, incompetent liars?
  20. Why vote for either of them , anywhere. There is no difference really. Vote independant and shake the system itself up.