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NSW or QLD licence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ac17, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hi - I live in Sydney, but am thinking of moving to Brisbane in about 6 weeks (my current job is temporary, my GF lives in Brisbane, and I currently live at with my parents, and my mum would die if I bought a bike - or kick me out, anyway)

    I just did my rider training course and I can now go to the RTA and get my L license.

    If I move to Bris, I guess (where I'll get a bike) I'll just have to ride back to NSW to do the P test.

    But I was wondering - are there any advantages to being QLD licensed?

    Because - My other option is to wait to get to bris and go for my L plates up there (but I did my training in NSW, and I don't know if it will allow me to do it up there).

    Any thoughts? Any Advantages to being QLD licenced? (also I heard they are changing the laws in QLD soon - is that something I should think about)? If I go for the NSW option - I will prob change my address to QLD (because I don't want any bike-related RTA stuff getting sent to my parents and freaking out my mum) - will changing my address to QLD mean that I have to obey their L and P rules for testing and re-sit, or what?

    -Sorry for all the questions. Any advice would be welcomed.

  2. They are doing a review of motorcycle related laws in QLD atm. So there is nothing definite at this stage. There is a survey on the QLD transport website asking for peoples comments. Worthwhile filling out. They only want QLD residents completing it, they ask for your postcode. which is 4000 in Brisbane :wink: