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[NSW] Old Pacific, Putty Rd, Learner speeds, Wed Feb 25th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Adam Lilley

    The plan: Old Pacific Highway up to Wisemans Ferry Rd. Head up Great North Rd to Broke and then head across to Putty Rd, back into Sydney.

    Details: Meet at Mobil, Berowra at 8 am for 8:30 dep. Regular fuel and leg stretch stops as necessary. Lunch a...

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  2. Memphis, get the day off work, we're going.
  3. hehe. he wont come. he started sulking when i beat him in a drag on way home from hooters.
  4. Count me in for this, should be a great ride

    Will anyone be riding up from epping area and wanna meet there to go up to berowra
  5. Weather looks acceptable, but will be packing the wet weather gear just in case (that way it wont rain, but if anyone forgets theirs it will pour).
  6. Great ride, loved every corner of it. Should do it again sometime

    Hope that clutch lever was fixed and u were able to get home ok

  7. Cheers for the ride guys, good to meet you all.

    Was a great day for riding :)
  8. :p

    Glad to hear you guys had some fun, Would love to have gone but couldn't...

    Mid week isn't the easiest time to make free :wink:
  9. yea clutch got replaced by a whole new honda unit, the ride was fuken sweet besides a couple of bad things happening, my clutch and adams footpeg plate.

    the steering needs to get relined as does the chain (thanx MATTT champ srsly for pointing it out) still need to find a mirror, a voltage regulator and a brake pedal.

    adam has a ride his planing down south so if u lads are intrested come by saturday, my bike prob go into the workshop be ages till i see her again, doubt its worth spending the cash on her :(
    also adam what were the mechanics u reccommended in menai/?

    hope to have as much fun saturday hope to see u all there!
  10. battyes bikes i think its called. not sure its exact address but its in the automotive section on Old Illawarra Rd.

    About the ride down south, not heaps sure about it. Dont no how wise it is to go for a distance ride with the makeshift bracket for the rear brake. It will probably take a while to find a new one. know of any decent wreckers around that deal with bikes? Given it made another 200+ kays it should be fine, just unwise in the case of freak occuance like today.