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NSW - Old Pacific Hwy video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by PhilC, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Most of a run from Road Warriors down to Cowan on Monday Aug 15. Almost no traffic out but the road wasn't too wet so I thought I'd try out my friend's video camera.

    The mount was a little wobbly so I had to try to remove the shake, that's why the edges look the way they do. Somehow the camera picked up the theme to Airwolf which was running through my head at the time ;)

    Apologies for not crashing, almost crashing or having to take any drastic actions to make the clip more interesting... :moped:... it may be 6 minutes of your life you want back unless you're in another state / country and just want a peak at a bit of a popular Sydney riding road.
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  2. That music absolutely positively suited the video perfectly.

    And what an ending.
  3. good video, the music reminds me of old school video games :).......................
  4. That truly is a brilliant piece of road.
  5. Bloody La Nina,looks like another wet weekend.Its been ages since my last run,there was a late model sedan in the large parking area on the left side at the bottom of the hill heading up to PITS so we aborted the run,don't you love those people who park late model sedans on these roads.There either bushwalkers or there waiting to meet peope like me.Me paranoid,up there yes.
  6. I had a late model falcon high beam me yesterday as I was coming out of the bottom of the natio, perhaps speeding slightly and accelerating hard.
  7. Those are funny. (As in peculiar.) Is it a civilian warning you about a speed trap, or a cop warning you that he could have you if it didn't mean spilling his coffee, or some jerk bluffing about a speed trap, or the Reverend Fred Nyle telling you you're killing kittens and you're on your way straight to hell? Or does it just mean Maxwell Smart got the dip switch when he wanted the bruise control?
  8. While I've had the slow down signal from cops more times than I've bothered to count, its certainly feasible that was the case. However, it didn't really look like an unmarked and at the speed I was doing it would have been the most lenient case I've ever seen. I would expect them to be willing to spill coffee in order to hand out a 6-12 month walking ticket.
  9. Old Fred is more a hoon than those two bit tree hugging environmentalists and their carbon/tax nonsense.....................who wants to end up with a solar powered 10hp superbike lol?...................................
  10. Love the bends leading up tp Pie in the Sky van really lrt tip and get into a rythm there
  11. I love the fast forward, if I compare one of my videos to that I reckon it'll be the same speed.
  12. Another road i have to do when i head south at the end of the year.