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[NSW] Old Pacific Highway (Speed Trap - Whinge)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dezmonster, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Porky has staked his claim again on the Old road.
    Be warned his favorite parking spot hidden in bushes at the bottom of the hill just after 80 zone starts leaving Brooklyn
    as you go up the hill towards PITS heading South .
    This particular ****stble from Go#%*n who by the way must be a shit kicker as he has been the same rank for ten years openly states he hates MC riders.
    He now is booking riders for aftermarket pipes and indicators not being the RTA regulation configuration.

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  2. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Good to know
  3. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    bye bye old pac........time to look for better roads.
  4. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Hmm...time to install some additional roadside fencing....or possibly caltrops in the bushes...
  5. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Sorry Chicken Littles, please READ THE STICKIES BEFORE POSTING

    Hazardous Roads & Conditions Forum Guidelines

    This forum is for the notification of road conditions that could directly affect a rider's (or any other road user's) safety. Examples include roadworks, debris on road or notification of a major event that could cause issues.

    Please Title your post to include the State/City, Route# and the Date, eg:

    [VIC] Great Ocean Road [B100] (Jan 22)
    [WA] South Western Highway [1] (Nov 18th)

    When conditions change, please update your post, or post a follow-up in the thread. This forum has a 30 day auto-delete feature, so posts with no modifications within the last 30 days will be removed by the server.

    Please do NOT post entries of the following:

    - Speed camera, speed trap or booze bus locations (Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance) instead
    - Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent (eg: "yellow ute rego ABC-123 tried to kill me this morning")
    - Rider down announcements (although traffic accident locations that cause chaos are fine)
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  6. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Thanks bud for posting this hazard. Good to know.
    I was there just a few days ago.
  7. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    They really belong there? How about flashmob-like police activity?
  8. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    I don't make the rules, I just try and encourage compliance.

    hazardous roads means potholes, road works that aren't signposted, etc NOT Police activity of any sort.

    Police only pose a hazard if you're breaking the law, and are moveable anyway; potholes tend to stay in the same place.
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  9. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    on-off-topic then,

    I went through Nasho the other day at about 6.30am Sat morning... RBT and license check up right before the ticket booth then two roving marked cars and a stationary radar trap on the 80 straight. I literally saw more police than other motorcyclists.. Sounds like they could be doing a huge motorcycle blitz... Be careful for the next few weeks
  10. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Police are dangerous because their presence often startles riders/drivers who may not even be doing anything wrong, this could cause them to have a crash.

    Not to mention, why cant we tell people where they are?

    Its not like they dont sit around and discuss where we are likely to ride, so why cant we discuss where they are likely to hide?

    Thanks op, not a surprise to see lots of cops this weekend considering its the first weekend after DD's.
  11. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Apart from the idiotic garbage in the first paragraph, the Terms and Conditions of the forum still stand. If you want to flag the presence of the Police at some place, you are free to do so; just don't do it in the 'Hazardous Road Conditions Reports' forum.

    That is all.
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  12. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    Apologies for posting in the wrong section.:-s ]
    It was late at night after work on my second beer and angry.](*,)
    I was in a group of riders that was booked by this guy last week.
    Mods please feel free to move or delete this thread.
  13. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    How many in the group,tell the tail.It sounds interesting
  14. Re: Old Pacific Highway

    At this stage I cannot comment due to a legal challenge by one of the group
  15. Why is it garbage? There are videos of cases of exactly that.
  16. I heard there was another head on between two motorcycles up the Old road this week,
    this is horrible in its own right and does not surprise me due to the behavior of a small minority.
    Unfortunately for the rest of us this means an increased focus on that great fun bit of road, even if you do ride within the limits the increased presence of the official collectors of revenue thinly disguised as servants of public safety means they will target riders and if they cant get you for speeding will put the fine tooth comb over our rides to keep the coffers topped up.
    I for one have to keep away due to my Arrows which may be a tiny weeny bit loud ....safety modification :) ........ still stinging from a 4 pointer for allegedly (officers guestimation of speed as no radar fix) exceeding the speed on a safe section of the road naughty me my 90 in a 80 was turned into a 100+ by his creative money grab. Which was absolute BS !

    Take it on the chin and find somewhere else to ride is all I can do.
  17. Not good news that,typical at this time of year though.That creative accounting sounds like a worry.
    Has that head on been confirmed,anybody else heard anything.Not speculating on why but its not hard to guess
  18. Thanks,I saw it in another post here.Very ugly and it will get the road alot more attention.Now I need to bite my tongue about unnecessary stupid crap.I really feel for the innocent 2nd party.
  19. Thankfully it seems neither of them got life changing/ life ending injuries from that crash.

    People really need to make a conscious effort not to push themselves right to the edge of the envelope on that road. It can be easy to just get way too pumped up on your ride and start pushing far past what you should probably be doing on a public road.

    Ive ridden about 5000 Kilometers since i got my Ls, and besides 3 occasions every ride i have done has involved old road, either spending the day lapping it or heading off afar. And i find it funny that the worst examples of driving/riding that i see i almost always on the Old Road. Pretty bad mix of traffic up there, bycycles, cars going very hard, cars going very slow, people towing boats, trucks running lanes and doing 30kph etc.

    Hopefully 2012 can be another fatality free year for Old Pacific highway as it was in 2011.

    (Im not trying to tell people not to ride knee down, or that the fast riders are dangerous because they arent, the guys that can really ride on that road are pretty much the safest.)