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[NSW] Old Pac Ride + Lunch at phizog's, Sat Jan 26th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: jared

    Ok so my 20th birthday is conveniently next to getting my full license so I'm celebrating both at the same time. Unfortunately due to weekends I'm going to having it on Saturday 26th of January, ie Australia day.

    The plan is to meet and leave berowr...

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  2. Also I forgot to say, if you're wanting to swim (heres hoping it will be a nice day) bring swim stuff. I have a bunch of towels if you're not bringing a tank bag or something.

    Meeting at Berowra Mobil

    If anyone wants my mobile number incase they're running late/get lost, etc. please pm me.

    101 km – about 1 hour 41 mins (+ 30 minutes-ish for breakfast/coffee stop at road warriors on the way back down)
    Click here for route

    Just an update for tomorrow.

    The weather doesn't look too promising, but the ride and lunch is still on in the event of rain. If its raining ultra hard it probably wont happen, but as long as its not torrential its a green light. In the event of terrible weather , check the forums before you leave as I'll post early whats happening.
  3. if i can get a new pilot road2 fitted (if there is one in canberra) the thursday before i will be up for it jared
  4. Cool :) Theres room to crash
  5. I'm totally in :D
  6. I think the old road is still closed. I was up there last week. Was good to see about 6 other riders enjoying doing laps :grin:
  7. I'll try and join in, if you don't mind, if I can score the day off work.
  8. The more the merrier :) Besides, I haven't seen the shiny new vfr yet hehe
  9. Towels are easy on the bike, you tie it around your neck like a cape, duh.

    I'll tag along if I'm not on a houseboat in the Hawkesbury that weekend!
  10. LIKE SUPERMAN!!!! :eek:
  11. bdo , cannot dooo more importent
  12. 'Tis still closed at Calga as of last night, but the gummint have committed to fixing it in the "near future"...make what you will of that. There doesn't appear to be anything actually stopping you going down the road though, aside from the "Road Closed, local traffic only" sign (and a giant hole where the road USED to be at some point)

    Cowan to Calga is still a nice run, did it a couple of times last night :grin: I also took a little look down the closed bit, not too far though.

  13. Someone should just move the closed sign - can't get in trouble for going down it in that case..
  14. BDO is on the 25th.
  15. i was there thismorning... still closed. and ofcourse i will have to be in for this one jared haha!!!

    Maybe ill show you what your old bike can do.... lol totally joking... im by no means near being able to call my self good hahahaha
  16. bastard, i go back to melb on the 20th...
  17. For how long!?!? :eek:
  18. Correction, Superman copied Ktulu.

    Sounds like fun Phizzle, is it a doubledips weekend?
  19. Good question. I just rang RTA and after getting thrown between apartments for half an hour. I found out I don't need to do any test to get my full riders license (despite only being on car P2s) so thats good.


    Double demerits between the 25-28th of January.

    So the pace won't be hectic. By the way I won't be in the lead, I'll be about in the middle so that I have radar bait :wink: