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[NSW] Old Pac Highway enforcement mid-week?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by northerner, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I currently have regular meetings up in Wahroonga (perhaps twice a week for the foreseeable future), so it’s difficult to resist going for a blast up the old pac highway before returning to the office ;)

    I tend not to go up there at weekends a) due to number of idiots b) for harrassment by plod - so mid week is great. I tend to be cautious on the ‘out’ run and a little more enthusiastic on the return leg. I haven’t seen any HWP cars up there so far (only done 4 runs up there in the last couple of weeks) but have almost always seen a HWP car cruising through Berowra whilst on my way back, seemingly on their way out to cruise the route.

    Does anyone have any experience of enforcement up there mid-week? How nervous do I need to be??

    PS – I don’t go excessively fast but sticking to the ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN’ REDICULOUS 60kph limit is nigh on impossible....

    No, actually, make that a physical impossibility.


  2. Ride as you usually would, because whatever anyone else says wont help. Either it will give you a false sense of security or increase your nervousness - which defeats the purpose of a good blast in the first place.
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  3. Most of the Hwy patrol cars are from the Nth shore ,
    probably cant get their quotas up in their own area due to such a heavy saturation of cameras and the general zombie state drivers have adopted from years of this revenue razing turning them into biatches of the state .

    Their juristrisction ends after the Bridge over Hawksbury .
    Coasty Hwy Patrols there after.

    Ride South of there like a nanna ,
    after that up to you........do you feel lucky punk
    well do you?

    You know the risks of speeding and getting caught and the penalty fines that ensue .

    life is a gamble !

    throw the dice .....if you want. :)
  4. So what about the highway patrol from Kuring Gai LAC? That is their area.
  5. There was an announcement that local commands were scrapped and the Hyway Patrol was now one big command.This happened just before the holiday,makes it easier to saturate problem spots.I have no idea what effect this will have on shift changes or day to day stuff.I ride the Old Rd a lot and they can be anywhere,so I ride keeping 10ks or so above the limit and keeping the acceleration between corners at a minim and keeping off the brakes maintaining corner speed.Its a fun way to do it without the bust risk or at least being able to argue the toss if you get pulled,go hard and its like flipping a coin.There are
    a few spots that regularly get sat at,the bit where the road splits with the big bushy medium is a classic but I have seen them in 3 or 4 other spots.There have been reports lately of one sitting around the bottom of the hill down from The Pie in The Sky,thats a new one and a pain as its a great bit of road.
  6. Brisbane Water.
  7. Fishermen go to places where they KNOW they'll catch fish......
  8. Just had a closer look at NSW Police website LAC maps, I stand corrected, I apologise.
  9. It's cool, we all make mistakes. Like the Officer who looked at my licence and then calculated that I'd been licenced since I was 2 years old and therefore should know the road rules. Back to school...
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  10. Are you calling me a flathead?! ;)
  11. I know to be careful whatever day of the week it is, but was just interested. All these sightings, are they at the weekend or midweek?
  12. On another forum I am on, someone said they saw 3 police up near pie in the sky on mountain bikes cycling by today.....they may have to call off any pursuits pretty quickly
  13. I saw a couple on pushbikes at Nutral Bay today in a back street,maybe there getting fit
  14. leather jacket
  15. No, I'm just suggesting that you'd be a mullet to get caught :LOL:
  16. just tell the judge you didn't do it on porpoise
  17. Loving your work guys :)
  18. Two schools of thought here.
    Midweek likely to be less riders so theoretically less Bacon
    Weekends more riders more Bacon.

    cons: Midweek less riders so less eyes to alert to Bacon on the road
    Weekends lots of riders warning of Bacon ahead (this didn't help me though)

    If you are going to speed .........do it somewhere else especially towards the end of the month when they need to fill their quotas .
  19. Northerner, give Bobbin Head and Kuring-Gai Chase Rds a whirl. Narrower and a bit more challenging than the Old Rd. Seems to attract less attention too.
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  20. It costs to ride Bobbin Head unless you get there before they man the gate and luckly I got a warning from a passing car about the unmarked sitting in a driveway at the Kinbricky end before the park gate on that straight bit.Not that I go nuts through there but its easy to creep up a bit .