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[NSW] (NSW) Sutton Forest - Inaugural HRCA Riders of Penrith

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    New HRCA Chapter.

    Western Motorcycles 1st ever HRCA ride.

    We will be holding our first ever Honda Riders Club of Australia ride on Sunday 19th April 2009.

    HRCA rides aren’t just for Honda riders, they are open to all motorcyclists and all m...

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  2. Its their first effort as a new HRCA ride chapter :applause:
    I'll be there!
  3. Great Rudy, how about I meet you at Hooters on James Ruse Drive for a 7:15 am departure. Any other riders are welcome to tag along with us from that departure point. Remember, L & P Platers are always welcome on HRCA rides.


    The route as advised by Glenn from Western Motorcycles is as follows:

    The ride will be taking the back roads to Sutton Forest, departing from the shop at 8:30am and heading out via Wallacia, then Silverdale, The Oaks, Oakdale, Mowbray Park, Hilltop, Colo Vale then across the Hume Hwy to The Old South then down to Sutton Forest Pub for lunch. It’s about 130Klm’s to Sutton Forest then we plan on it being a make your own way home…

    Maps will be available.
  4. Awesome, Im so in. They are just around the corner!

    I hope they don't throw tomatoes at me for whats been done to my 929...

    Mmm, Arrow exhaust on the way tomorrow, and PCIII early next month gotten cheap through work too. I must be in heaven :)
  5. so we had 20 bikes/ over this morning at Western M'Cycle.
    The local dealership provides coffee & snack while we're waiting for everyone to arrive. Given a detailed color map on the route during the briefing, which is handy should we want to take the same route ourselves nxt time.

    The ride leader was the store's Sales Manager, Glen, assisted by other key people in the dealership. The dealer principal, Ray, & wife Narelle were amongst us. TEC-ed by Andrew fr the Service Dept on Honda DN-01. Good to see their involvement in this inaugural ride.

    Stopped at the Oaks for our first break & regroup then I chickened back in anticipation to the weather. So i'll leave it to Barenaked to tell the rest of the ride. Had a great fun, good pace, look forward to the next one. They have some ideas re: overnighter too.

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