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[NSW] NSW-Oxley Hwy Run...Again!, Fri Nov 9th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tweet

    Max 10 places only!!!

    Well time to go again, and see some of the best bike roads in Oz. This is a 3 day ride, depending upon who goes, and if they want to throw Waterfall Way and Dorrigo, Ebor into the trip. The initial plan will focus on 3 days onl...

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  2. :( i won't have a bike
  3. Can't postpone it a week? I've got exams on :cry:

    Oh well, i'll be going on the next one, or organise my own to get up there (have to make use of it while the days are long and weather is warm) :)
  4. I will be there,... after 1000+ kays this weekend, I am probably as ready as I am ever going to be.
  5. Love to mate, but a week later I will be in the USA. Don't fear, another is already in the making for mid December.
  6. And then one in February? :) :)
  7. Man, I swear to God I'll do whatever I can to go on this one!!! Except going without a license, of course. I'd hate to ruin it for anyone else. The same thought should be spared by those considering to attend this event on a dodgy bike :?
    The good news for me is that YES, there is a loop hole! :grin:
    I'll be working on it this week. :cool: :cool:
  8. February? dont you mean late December and early Jan and mid Jan and late Jan and early Feb etc etc etc :LOL:
  9. No no, I mean February, ie when I'll have my lovely [insert sweet bike here] upgrade.
  10. Sounds good Jared, nothing like a good thrashing to run in the new bike... :LOL:
  11. Ed have an idea :idea: If the bike goes without you it can tell you all about the trip when it (she) returns :grin: By the way Ed how the fcuk are you? Hurry up and get this license thing sorted......
  12. Can't commit yet Tweet but will let you know in quick time. If not then I'm keen on the 1600 km round trip with Dom.... only done 1450 km before so a 150 k extra won't hurt me......shit yes it will!!! :grin: :grin:
  13. I'm out aswell. my first exam is on that weekend :(
  14. Hey Steve!! How are ya mate?? :grin:
    My bike is being such slut lately... recently she slept with another bloke and today, as if that wasn't enough, Browny had a crack at her (and on her too!! horrible sight... :p )! After some debate today, it seems there maybe a light in the end of the tunnel. The problem is that right now, my license is all the way in the dark!! :LOL:
    But if all works out, I'll be finally doing the Oxley with guys!! Watch out!! 600 on the twisties! :cool: :cool:
  15. Last time i saw it on the twisites it was in the way.....
  16. The thing likes a drink, you see... so sometimes I have to take it slow! :p :---)
  17. Tweet,
    Have we got any other takers? I will drop over to Randwick to sort it out Monday night if its still on.
  18. :furious: Stop torturing me already tweet, lol.
  19. Damn, that weekend clashes with the Snowy ride to which Bundy & I have committments. Keep us informed of the run & date in December, if we are clear we will be there, I will also try and get a couple of mates who live up around Coffs to tag along. Enjoy the Coffee at Juans & tell him I said hello.
    Tex & Bundy
  20. Good to hear from you Tex. Would be great if you could come on one of these runs, these blackbird guys need a flogging from the busa to shut them up a bit.