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[NSW] [NSW] HRCA Ride to Wollombi, Sun 5th April, Sun Apr 5t

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ed

    Date: Sunday 5th April 2009.

    Meet at McDonald’s, Windsor Road, McGraths Hill.

    Meeting Time: 8.30am
    Departure Time: 9.00am

    Route: Putty Road to Broke, then Wollombi for lunch. After lunch, we will head back to Sydney via the Old Gosford Road...

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  2. hoping to come to this one

    i looked up old gosford rd on google maps, couldn't find it... is it a.k.a. pacific hwy? :?
  3. Do you have to ride a Honda to join this?
  4. Ooops...helps if I read the rest of the article.

    My bad
  5. nope, all welcome, l's, p's any type of bike, well organised ride
  6. If you are coming on this ride from the North Shore, you are welcome to join a few of us at the Shell Service Station on Epping Road Lane Cove (AKA The Space station).

    We depart at 8:00 and will head to McGraths Hill via the M2, stopping for fuel at a Caltex prior to Maccas.
  7. unless the weather is crap, i am guaranteeed in for this one. just did putty road last week, loved it (as usual).

    im at quakers hill, so the maccas is just around the corner from me. any other westies in?
  8. was going to do it but doing the blue ribbon ride instead, charity is more important to me, will do next hrca ride though
  9. weather looks to be clearing for weekend, still a few days off but BOM reckons,

    Sunday Mostly fine.
    City: Min: 19 Max: 25
    West: Min: 17 Max: 27

    I'm in.
  10. Yep, me too, if the weather is fine
  11. Sure I'm in again.... :cool:
  12. just a heads up to all the first timers on putty rd, be very careful, its not a road for the faint hearted, dont try and keep up to the next person just to look good, ride it at your own pace, theres always a bike either hitting a wall / barriers or lowsiding, take it easy out there, ride safe
  13. i lowsided once there :evil:
    We dont usually go fast on hrca rides anyway - there are just too many bikes and passing the lead bike to go faster is very frowned-upon :wink:

    i need a cruiser on this one :cry:
  14. Excellent advice - its a road with a reputation and a few riders have died there
  15. As a noob on my Ps, but with very little experience, would this be a good first long ride? The warnings about Putty put me off, :? but then there's not much point having my bike if I'm not riding it...I need to get out there sooner or later. Any thoughts?
  16. Hey Perez, should be right if you ride within your own comfort/experience zone - forget about everyone else overtaking you, it's not a race, you won't get left behind as there is always a marshall at the end of the group.

    There are other P platers there, I've been on a few of these HRCA rides as an L plater and have enjoyed myself.
  17. you should be fine, mate. just take it easy. the worst corner on putty is from the other direction - a 35 which starts very wide and then tightens up quite quickly going off camber. from the other direction it shouldnt be a problem. i guarantee you will fall in love with this road. there is one section that will make you hate your bike though.
  18. dont get put off, my warning explanation was "DON'T BE A HERO ON PUTTY RD" thats the message im trying to put across, ride it at your own pace and what u feel comftable with, dont worry what other people think of your riding, if your going to slow and so on, keep to YOUR limits and you will have a blast out there, enjoy
  19. i rate myself as a fair rider. ive done putty road a few times, and the first time, i almost overcooked 2 corners. i set them up wrong and had to THINK hard to go against my NR's (is that what its called, i forget)...and technique out of it. techniqures i learned from experienced riders and also reading here on netrider.
    only reason i made it cause i wasnt go SUPER fast. now that was on my 250zxr.

    I put it down to the fact that was cautious on the throttle and mindfull of the speed i was carrying into, and kept it BELOW what I knew i could handle...just incase. and it saved me twice.

    in saying that a year later, doing Putty road last week on my zx6r, i tried my very very hardest to get my knee down and still couldnt do it, so when we hit that end bit near the hunter, i would very much like to carry a little pace through there. hoping there will be some experienced riders i can learn off more.

  20. You'll be fine espescially being a HRCA ride. Don't be put off. The putty is very well maintained offers excellent grip most places and is heaps of fun even at moderate speeds. If you've done Natio, OPH, Wisemans or Mac Pass and liked them you'll love the Putty.

    Lots of wildlife around at night so early morning runs you have to be careful of the dead ones laying on the road. Be aware that trucks use the road as well and need a bit more road to negotiate the corners. Therefore you need to be careful on blind corners and keep you speed for the better sighted ones.

    I usually go back and forth thru the last 16 or so kms so I do a sighting run first to check for hazards.

    Always good to have a chat with some riders at the halfway house or at the servo at Broke, depending on the direction you are arriving. You can find out about the conditions from riders that have already been thru.

    The owner of the halfway house is very friendly and generally has an idea about things going on from chatting to his customers and locals.

    I like to go quick thru there but I don't advocate "trying or aiming" to get your knee down on the Putty.
    As you gain experience and get quicker it may happen occasionally but IMO it isn't wide enough for when you get it wrong except for a couple of corners. Do a track day and slide your knees to your hearts content.

    Subtle body positioning can make this happen easier than you may think but this is best practised on the track.
    Riding beyond your limits is not just dangerous for you but others like me. \:D/

    Anyway that's my rant over. :soapbox: :blah: :blah: :blah: :wink: