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(NSW) nsw government to rely on fine frenzy for budget

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,25665607-5001021,00.html

    extracts from the article below
    PREMIER Nathan Rees is relying on a fine frenzy to improve the State's finances, with plans to issue an extra $33 million worth of infringement notices this year.

    The State Government has budgeted for $329 million from fines this year, with 90 per cent to be collected from traffic offences.

    The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the NSW Office of State Revenue will also set up a new Fine Enforcement System in August to crack down on people who have not paid fines.

    Budget papers show Treasury collected $296 million in fines last year and expects to rake in $329 million this year.

    Growing reliance on fines for revenue is evident, with Treasury forecasting further growth in fine revenue over coming years.

    Next year, the NSW Government hopes to add an extra $22 million to its total haul to make $351 million. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. It's all part of a bigger plan, see

    With enough people fined enough money, and done on points, there will be fewer people driving and riding on the brand-new roads Mr Rees-eccesion is putting us in debt for 50 years to build, so they will need less maintenance, and last longer....
  3. I just like how they always say there is no quota on police forces to give out tickets, yet they not only budget on the fines they budget on needing increases for the next few years, makes you wonder what pressure the police will be under to get these extra fines and then what we can expect from them in terms of frivolous and over the top enforcement
  4. Why don't they collect their outstanding fines? There's at least $200 million for them there.
  5. -1

    Fine frenzy that'll be me soon. Time for me to contribute to the State's finances. lol
  6. An Irish mate of mine just gets a friend of his with no intention of visiting Australia, back in Ireland to say he was driving the vehicle at the time.

    Apparently RTA/SDRO don't bother checking with immigration whether someone was actually in the country or not.
    Their license is untouchable, and the SDRO can't chase the debt internationally with any meaningful recourse.

    I think everyone should get a friend overseas and do this.
  7. Just don't make the same mistake as justice Marcus Einfeld. Make sure the person you use is actually still alive :)
  8. Has it occurred to them that you can't honestly budget for increased fines and at the same time claim that fining people will reduce traffic offences.

    If they believed that the punitive approach to road safety actually worked, then they should be budgeting for decreased annual fines since people would be slowing down and committing fewer offences... :roll:
  9. Since when has common-sense ever appealed to a politician?
  10. Here is an idea that would probably sweep a political party in to power.
    The budget is presented and a opposition party brings upo the point that the gvt is not committed to reduceing the road toll. The gvt has to say it is. So the budget is recalculated without the traffic fines because the gvt is going to do such a good job of training and improving road saftey that it should never be part of the budjet in the first place.
    This would show that the gvt is not committed to road saftey and can't balance a budget. should be enough to get them out.
    Not a hard job for opposition really so it proves that they have introduced road rules and enforcment purely as an additional tax.
    Mabey the new outlaw bikkie party will use this as they sweep to power next election :grin:
  11. You mean truthfulness. They know the score, they know the cash theyre raking in, and they know how to get the public on their side. Its all a giant game.
  12. State Labor... at it again. :/

    Who the hell keeps re-electing these incompetents?.
  13. Can't believe they're being so blatant about fines as a source of revenue! At least this puts it out in the open, now I can legimitately accuse highway cops of revenue raising without any looming shadow of justification of what they're doing.

  14. In theory you can, however I'd suggest that confronting and accusing NSW police of anything to their face will likely see you digging a hole to troubletown, population you.
  15. I'd save it for a time when I'm not being booked and not near my vehicle, etc. etc. :wink:
  16. If this doesn't show the reality behind the bullsh!t Speed Kills fundraising safety campaign, I dont know what will.
  17. well... looks like they are still trying to make up their CURRENT quota from what ive seen on the roads around Singleton all week. Biggest continuous unmarked car/ marked hwy patrol presence I've ever seen.

    Maybe they're trying to get in as many disqualifications as possible before the points system change.
  18. What % does this make up of overall government revenue?
  19. With 365 days in a year that's almost 1 mill a day. Fark me!! :shock:

    The thing that really shits me is how many people cheer this sort of government bank account gouging on. They think it's all about safety. What a bunch of wankers.
  20. We all knew that they do this. But I would say that the current motivation is that they need to pay the lease on all those new shiny and brightly coloured highway patrol cars.