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[NSW] [NSW] Bells liner to Mt Vic., Sat Sep 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Disassembled

    Bells Line of road, to Mt. Victoria pub for lunch.

    The weather is starting to look up, and it's been quiet here in NSW, so i though a short ride to Mt Vic for lunch would be a nice afternoon.

    Meeting point at McGraths Hill McDonalds at 10am. Then...

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  2. I will be interested in this. Would like more details as entry in the calender doesn't exsist
  3. Looks like it'll be a nice warm day :)

    I couldn't get any details out of the event calendar... is this ride L-plater friendly? If so I'll come along.
  4. Strange that it's not up in the calendar.

    Learner friendly for sure if you don't mind a few off camber corners.
  5. Few of us are going via Bells line too to Lithgow>Sofala>Bathurst.
    And we're gonna start around the same time fr macas. We'll say hello at macas.
  6. Sweet, perhaps we should aim to join groups and part ways at Bell?
  7. I was thinking that too, but werent u planning a detour via backroads to Kurrajong? How many extra kms is that? We got pillion too, so our pace maynot be supersonic :)
  8. Sweet.... I'll see you guys at Maccas :) I'll be the one in the black VTR250
  9. bells line

    I am keen on doing this ride. It will depend on how much study i manage to get done on friday (I don't like my chances) as i have assessments on monday :(. If all goes well ill see you there :)
  10. I'm signing up for it,
    still regretting I didn't join the last HRCA ride to Oberon...
    hope the weather will be ok.
    See you on Sat
  11. im 50% in for this - will let u know later on if i can make it
  12. This Saturday weather will be fined and Sunshine 29 C ! Horeeee...
  13. yehaaaaaa!


    That detour Looks fun!
    I'm keen to try a new road
  14. :oops: Sorry we may be leaving earlier, our small group will go at 9am as we have a longer distance to go(Bathurst). We'd like to get to Bathurst around lunchtime with plenty of times going up & down Mt.Panorama Circuit (at 60kph :LOL: :LOL: :roll:)
  15. Hey, sounds like a good ride.......im in but not 100% will post fri nite to confirm:)
  16. R-K-O shame about that, oh well. Watch your speed around mt panorama very carefully...
  17. im not able to make this guys soz

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(
  18. Hey, ill see u at maccas at 10;) Im on the black cb400

    I might head back via bells line after lunch though??? but will see