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[NSW] Not Showing L plate Infringement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by conspiracytheorist, May 17, 2007.

  1. So those of you with verrry good memories might recall I was pulled over after a few weeks of riding (so this would be october, maybe november) by some bored cops for an RBT (must have looked a bit wonky, but hey I'd only been riding a few weeks :grin: ).

    Anyway, they noticed on my license I was on my Ls, but there was no L plate on my bike. Earlier that morning I cleaned my bike and put on a new L plate as last one had become a bit soggy. I then went for a short blat up mccarrs creek and on the way home was when I was pulled over, so it must have fallen off somewhere along the way.

    When he told me I had no L plate on I wasn't too worried as I'd heard of people having the same problem before and just being let off, and my lack of concern was probably semiobvious. Thats possibly why he wouldn't accept my reasoning that a piece of cardboard is going to fly off at some point and told him the rta did not supply any advice for attaching L plates nor do they provide a stronger plate and that I genuinely wanted the plate to be on so people would know to be wary since I was new.

    This guy didn't care about what I had to say at all, and when I questioned why questioned him why he couldn't understand that it might fly off and asked if he'd ever ridden before he pointed to his boots with the leather protector thing on. Pissed me off that he would fine me when he was in the best position of all to understand my predicament.

    So yeah, $180 fine and 2 points off my car red P plate license (4 points). So I put in an appeal and didn't hear anything until last month when I got a notice saying I hadn't signed the appeal form I put in and they could do nothing until I did. A day or so later I got a notice saying I had $180 due. So put in the resigned appeal.

    Just got a letter today saying:

    Total BS that it took that long and that I was issued the fine in the first place, but I thought I'd post this to L and P platers who think they wont have a problem not putting your plates on.

    After my incident I laminated an L plate and bolted the bugger under the plate holder and plate.
  2. I thought licences were totally separate.. how can they take points of your car licence if you were riding??
  3. Good result

    Yeah the delay's a pain, but at least you got off :cool:
  4. Depends what state your in MadPillion.

    Good on you phizog, I wish more people would be let off on stupid things like this. But I'm sure the policeman has heard every excuse in the book and is very weary of people giving excuses.
  5. Yep, he said 'thats what everyone says'. But yeah, that is what everyone would say because most of the time thats what happened.
  6. You would be very surprised what people are capably of doing to weasel their way out of paying a fine. Even so much as to blame others when they are innocent bystanders. My eyes are opened, you don't trust anyone unless you know them personally ie friend/family member.
  7. There's your mistake. As soon as he mentioned it you should've given him your best wide-eyed stare of disbelief, jumped off the bike, walked around behind it & scratched your head whilst imploring "I put it on when I left home. It must've fallen off."
    No doubt your obvious lack of concern made him think "This smart arse wanted to ride without his plate and is now gunna try the ol' "it fell off" routine. Screw him."
    Something to consider next time. :wink:
  8. What a relief not to pay a fine. I only lost my L plate once. Fortunately no cop pulled me over. I as more worried when my rego label fell off last week. Luckily I found it.

    On the converse, it is illegal for a non P plater to display P plates. You might think that the over 30s are lucky but myself and others would sometimes like to let other riders that we are not that experienced and that they should lead and we will follow at a slower pace.

    Nearly every time I get on my bike, I love not having to worry about plates. When I meet someone new, I do let them know that I have just got off my Ls.

    I think cops go after plate riders because Ls and Ps are easy targets, they have lower speed limits. Whilst I was on my Ls, at times I found it impractical to ride at 80km when the traffic is doing between 90km/hr to 100km/hr. Also the media reports P platers cage drivers and their incidents. So police are asked to look for L or P platers.

    (Sorry for the hijack and side distraction)
    Some plater riders (both Ls and Ps) are much better than those who ride without plates. eg someone over 30 but does not ride very much or those (over 30) who got their "Ps" with scooters and waited one year before they brought a motorbike with gears. Or someone returning to riding after a long absence.

    Rather than look at the plate, I try reading the body language. Experience riders have a different body language, they lean their shoulders, hips, etc differently to someone who has only, say for example, one week riding experience. Someone who sits up-right and stiff, (generally some Ls and me when I was on my Ls or whenever I am having a bad day), will not ride as well. Hoons/idiots still sit-uptight but they open the throttle until they get unstuck at a corner.

    Just keep the plates on rather than risk the fines. It makes little difference to your enjoyment. It doesn't say whether you are good or bad. I bet many Ls are more confident than I am. I know it is frustrating with plates sometimes (especially when I had to put my bike cover on). It is frustrating when stupid cagers see the Ls and do stupid things to overtake. (Even though you might be faster than the speed limit or as well as their ability). The plates should not stop your enjoyment in riding.

    Phizog, whilst you were on your Ls, have you experienced a stupid cage driver trying to overtake, only to find out that you can stay ahead of them easily (especially on McCarrs Creek). When you finally see them at the lights, the idiots look away due to embarassment.

    On the Licence point system.

    The licences are linked. If stuffed up on my car, (lost 12 points), then I stuffed up on my bike (lost another 12 points), as far as the law is concern, I should only be allowed to stuff up 12 points. I should not make twice as many mistakes. I lost 6 points with my car. I only have 6 points left on my car and bike combined.
  9. Yeh that is exactly what I did, but I wasn't totally distraught like I would have been when he went back to his car to do whatever he was doing.

    Yeah, wear your plates with pride. I mean lets face it, as motorcyclists you can't really get a worse reputation, so a L or P plate won't do anything. Plus it will be fun to take the P plate off when I get full license :D

    But faramir, regarding mccarrs creek, I've never had any car try to overtake, frankly I've never actually had a car behind me at all apart from those annoying times when you're waiting for a convenient spot to overtake the car in front. Shits me to no ends when you're stuck behind someone who is going well below the speed limit and heavy on the brakes mid corner who won't slow down on straights or motion you past or be considerate in some way like that. If you can't do the speed limit get off the f^%@ing road.
  10. I know how you feel when you are stuck behind a congo line. That's when cars think they could go for me when I am waiting for the congo line to clear. If it is a L plater I am following, I give him/her some room until it is safe to overtake. I was probably that slow once.

    I should of said tried to keep up, not overtake. It has not happened to me on McCarrs Creek, it is mainly other roads.

    Lately, I haven't had many cars around me on McCarrs Creek. The bigger bikes have on a few ocasions gone past me. As I said, I am not a corner hoon but I too cannot stand the slow sight seeing tourist. Another way to look at it is "at least they are preventing me from going into a corner too fast". Sounds ridiculous when they are doing about 20km/hr on 45km/hr bends. I just say to myself, hopefully next time I will be on my own.

    Wear the plates with pride.
  11. Ah man, you got dicked on. Do you loose the points, even though the fine was repealed? I've heard this is the case.

    I never rode with my L plate on, and was RBT'd a dozen or more times (I'm a night shift worker in a dodgy suburb) I had a routine. Hope off the bike, stand to the front of it. Hand officer my licence.

    "Where's your L-plate?"
    "On the bike"
    "No it's not."
    "Ah fcuk! Those little mongrels at maccas! Must have pinched it when i went inside"
  12. Yep... big black market in stolen L plates... :grin: you think the cops believed you??? my guess is no... did they choose to let you off because they chose to be nice to you... probably...

    I never wore my Ls, over 30 so willing to hedge my bets that any copper would let me off with a warning when I know I wouldn't have been given one if I was 19...

    Think of it from their point of view... if you are a cop, see all of the bad drving that you DO see from P platers when driving to work, same as we do... then whilst on duty you stop one and they don't have a plate displayed...

    you know that the chances are high that;
    1) they don't have one on intentionaly,
    2) the reason is partially so they won't get stoped for exceeding the L/P plate speed limits,
    3) they know the law and chose to disregard it, and probably would disregard other laws as well...

    an older rider is likely to have left their plate off for the same reason, but the cop knows that;
    1) they are less likely to engage in risky behaviour,
    2) they have probably learnt that NO road law should be disregarded...

    When I was on my Ps, many many years ago... I thought it was fine to do 20km or 30km over the limit when I was late, overtake over unbroken lines if I thought it was safe and the car in front was too slow, tailgate someone if they were annoying me... eventually you sort of realise that despite them not being approapriate some times, they are still the law and you should obey anyhow... or at least accept that there are consequences if you don't, no excuses... (doesn't mean you don't still get the sh!ts if you get booked :) )

    It is good that the OP got off with a warning... Phizog could you please check your points at RTA online to see if they think you had demerit points allocated... I would be interested to know, because I had points allocated even after a charge was dimissed in court by a judge... you seem to have your head screwed on right, none of this post was intended to take a shot at you...

    I just get concerned that there seem to be a lot of posts from L/P platers on here who get done by the cops and think they are hard done by... other than wearing the points for a speeding fine my wife got (after I won in court) I haven't had a ticket in 5 years... and I bet that I do as many miles as any of the P platers on here (hits head and says "touch wood")... (50/50 good luck and good judgement)...

  13. Yes I definitely understand being cross about P platers not showing plates since its far more likely to be deliberate than someone with no bike experience who wants people to know that so they don't run them down when you engine brake to roughly.
  14. i always wear my plates
    if you're going to start disregarding traffic laws, there's so many more funner ways to lost points
  15. I had my L plates on for about a month after I got it, and then I started riding on the highways and roads that had speed limits of 100km/h and decided the issue of safety was greater then that of me displaying my plate. I had cars overtaking me on double lines, in blind corners etc etc. It wasn't safe for me, or the idiots driving.

    I never had a P plate on. I always kept a plate under the seat though if i did get pulled over as part of my excuse "oh shit, it must have fallen off, let me get my spare one out..." but i never did get pulled over, even though i've had cops driving/riding behind me for fair distances. Just don't give em a reason to pull you over.

    Never got RBT'ed either, but that would have more to do with the areas I was riding in then anything else.
  16. I had an L plate in the tool bag on the back of the XR for that reason... or I thought I did until I turned up to the Pre Provisional course and went to put it on... and it wasn't there...

    Asked the instructors if I could borrow one because someone must have stollen mine the night before...

    You know what they said???

  17. Nothin works, I had a witness with me who was on their L plates who said, "I've been riding with him and its only just fallen off."

    The coppers reply was "well its not on now, heres your ticket."

    Most of them are the biggest pr*cks
  18. lol, it's more likely some tosser would just take it off and throw it in the bushes just to spite you... i've had a couple of plates just disappear out the boot, i've probably just taken em out at one stage and forgotten to put it back in :LOL: no worries for me now though, as i'm on my full license.

    To all those L and P plate riders out there thinking of ditching the plate, weight up the risks and benefits before you do, it might not be worth it for you.
  19. That's what I figured?

    Oh well, worked for me more than a half a dozen times. It is parra maccas that I was referring to :grin:
  20. Marlon,
    It's too early to be writing in a thread on law on a Saturday, go to back to bed
    ... :shock: It's all I can think abt 15min away from the end of my 12.5 shift