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[NSW] Not eligible for Mature Rider scheme!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DaveS, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I've just been informed that I'm not eligible for the mature rider scheme because I emigrated from the UK in 2004 so haven't had a NSW licence for 5 years.
    I stupidly thought common sense would have prevailed and my 22 years experience as a car driver would have been taken into account.
    Anyway, I'm now stuck on restrictions for the next 14 months at least.
    I bought a 2nd hand CB250 to get through my MOST and was then planning to upgrade;
    since things have changed do you reckon I should get something like a GS500F now, I find the CB250 fun but a bit small and gutless.
    I'm 40 years old, 6'1 and 76kg and I'm commuting daily but not using freeways - I did 5k on the F3 as part of my trip back from picking up the bike and it wasn't much fun with trucks overtaking doing 120!

  2. Because of our Convict past, we don't cut you blokes any slack, particularly in NSW. We are still scared of the Lash.
  3. Exactly how many of those years were you riding a motorcycle?
  4. Thanks! I'm an Australian citizen now, not that it matters with the RTA... :cry:
  5. None, but the scheme asks for 5 years driving licence not riding, it's for mature learners.
    I'm quite happy to stick to a LAMS bike and in no rush to go out and buy a big sportsbike, just a bit pissed off :grin:
    I'll be the oldest P plater on the coast I reckon!
  6. Put an appeal in / ask to talk to someone higher up - worth a shot.
  7. I mentioned this and the nice RTA lady said she had heard the mature rider scheme was going to be scrapped, has anyone else heard this?
  8. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Mate, take a trip back to the UK, sit the CBT and then full open licence test, then bring your UK motorcycle licence back here for an exchange.
  10. MVrog wrote:
    "you blokes".....thanks.

    As far as going back to the UK, well I live here now so why would I?

    Ok, I get the message, I will get on with my learner's period
  11. Yep +1,

    I had only transferred my Vic licence to NSW weeks before and I was granted a mature age rider licence straight away.
  12. I've heard of people moving interstate for a full license but not overseas :shock:
  13. Go to QLD do Qride and be back in NSW with an open class"R" the same day.
    I did it, and gave smeone els the iformation on how t do it a few weeks back, he had no issues either. The QLD providers are more than hapy to let you complete the test knowing you are just circumventing NSW legislation.
    Hurry though as graduated licensing is starting soon in QLD (July1 I believe, and only mature learners with car license will qualify. I believe tey will adopt the same system as NSW has now.)
  14. Is you get a Qld licence will the RTA transfer you to a P1 licence because you've not held it for more than 12 months?
  15. I believe that's the case, but one would think it is unlikely someone would change to a QLD license, then change it back within 12 months...... or ever.
  16. Hey, I'm in same situation. Came over here two years ago...It sucks (LAMS regs that is).

    Bought an '08 K7 GS500f two months ago and enjoying it. However I would not say that it feels very powerful (6" and 90Kg).
    I would stick with the 250... There can't be that much difference.

    Just think of the jump up when you do come off your P's :shock:
  17. Hi,
    I test rode the GS500 yesterday and it's much better than the CB250 I'm on at the moment.
    I'm going to sell the 250 after my MOST test and buy a GS500 or a ER-5 for my 12 months on P's.