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[NSW] Northern Sydney Learner Ride., Sun Mar 26th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Northern Sydney Learner Ride.

    Meeting 9.00am

    Caltex Service Station (Opposite the Riding school between conway av) monavale road St.Ives

    Depart 9.30am

    This ride you will be doing is a similar if not the same ride you do for your P plates a...

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  2. why cant you make it after april dammit!
  3. Northern Sydney Learner Ride.

    Meeting 9.00am

    Caltex/Ampol Service Station (Opposite the Riding school between conway av) monavale road St.Ives (452 MONA VALE RD)

    see map here http://www.gsxr1100.danteswebhosting.com/lerner1.gif

    Depart 9.30am

    This ride you will be doing is a similar if not the same ride you do for your P plates at st.ives.

    Heading down monavale road from st.ives turning left at bungan st

    we will do this loop ride 2 or 3 times.

    I will be traveling from Hornsby to St.ives let me know if you wish to meet along the way.

    NB if weather is raining this ride will be canceled. please keep eye on forum for the latest devlopments
  4. there will be plenty of rides to do in april. hopefully the weather will be good.
  5. Bump!!!!

    Anyone going on this?? I'll prolly show up if I can't think of anywhere more exciting to go...

    Thinks: That sounds like laps to me. Time to get the stopwatch out...
  6. If i wake up early on Sunday, I'll come along to this.
  7. How much of a "learner" are you MickyB??

    I'm just thinking that if you're half competent, and as it doesn't look like any real "noobs" are baiting on this one, maybe we could broaded the horizons a bit?? Maybe head down McCarrs Creek Rd then onto Barenjoey Rd up to Palmie or something...

    What do you reckon Dante??
  8. I'm a learner as from 2 weeks ago.

    But i'm up for anything !

    Motorbike riding has really grown on me, its become second nature and i'm even surprising myself how quickly i've picked up on it. Since getting the bike i've been leaving the car at home a riding everywhere.

    Even now, I feel 250cc is not enough. :p
  9. See how we go then eh??

    Whereabouts in Sydney are you??
  10. Good day for bikes! On the same day, 7.45pm Live: MotoGP Spain on Fox Sports 1.
  11. If there is a 0 newbie rider turn out i was going to go up to i think its bradleys head (near taronga zoo) and get some post card photos of bike / and harbour.

    mostly this ride is about learners who want to get experience
  12. You can't post here unless you're at least thinking about coming along Spuddy!!! Well??
  13. I'm a P plater and wouldn't mind tagging along. It's been too long Pete, and I am keen to see your new pride and joy!
  14. spud did you do your p's at st.ives ?

    if you did let me know the route you took for the road test. thats what i was planning to do at st.ives is do the same stuff they do at the P plates day.
  15. Dante, the route is:

    Down Mona Vale rd almost to the end, left turn just before pittwater/barrenjoey rd's, through the shopping precinct, then up MacCarr's Creek Rd back to Mona Vale road, then back into HART...
  16. I did my P's in Paramatta Dante. There is a very large setup over there with 4 circuits, so the waiting list is usually much shorter.
  17. ya pete thats same 1 i did back in 97 or 98
  18. anymore newbies coming along ?

    I've done a virtual rec'kie of the route (on the NAVMAN GPS :p ) , it should be a fun ride.
  19. LOL, yeah.
    Just wanted to make sure the intended route does not lead to some old fishing shack along the Hawkesbury where reinactments of the movie The Deliverance is planned. :p