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NSW Noob on a Ninja

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by heart7711, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Had my 09 Ninja 250 for three weeks now and I've ridden everyday! I freakin love that thing, I've washed it, cleaned & lubed the chain, changed its oil, the only thing I haven't done is slept with it....although i could pitch a tent with it in the shed... The L plates suck but so far haven't had any a-holes sit up my clacker. My life is complete. I am one happy woman.

  2. Welcome.
    The Ninja is a very popular bike round here, you'll be in good company.
  3. ^^ forgot to ask
  4. welcome 7711
  5. welcome you'll get plenty of info on this website
  6. Welcome to the forum :)

    Are you hot?
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  7. Yeah I am actually! Oh wait, that's just the woolen jumper and beanie I'm wearing...
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  8. oooh, i read this after i uploaded my pic, riddle solved i guess :)
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  9. Velcum to za bazaar Ninja girl.
  10. Hi <37711,

    Welcome to NR!

    Enjoy the Ninja. It just gets more and more fun the more you ride. Prepared to become an addict ;)
  11. Welcome to Netrider, nice looking bikes the new ninjas, they are very popular. Enjoy the riding, i remember well the thrill of my 1st bike
  12. Welcome to the madhouse, ignore that ignorant mob, some of us are actually ok and don't bite(y)
  13. nice.....chick on a ninja

    sorry guys - was busy being a nerd this time round...replacing laptop screen finally on a laptop i had 2 weeks before my dog knocked over and cracked ze original screen....fcuker

    hey heart, welcome ...good choice on bike..so so close to 2nd wife material...if only it was a zxr 250 ninja and not the new guys....maybe next time lass :p

    gurbachen you got this one fair n square (y)
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  14. Welcome !
  15. Welcome. Just arrived on the forums myself. I too am from NSW. Ah, the ninja 250 - have yet to hear about someone who bought one & had any issue with it.
  16. The lovely girl was kind enough to wait until I woke up to post, very considerate of you Heart
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  17. welcome heart, get yourself to the learner sat morn sessions at homebush alot of people have alot of knowledge they can pass on, some it relates to safe bike riding too :) one thing you'll find with NR, we MAY take the piss, but we also care!! Smile and the world smiles with you [now that everybody's barfed lol] enjoy the ride :)
  18. Hey welcome heart glad you could join us.

    Maybe we'll see you on a ride sometime ... although ... crookwell ... maybe not :D so be sure to post the occasional ride photo it's always good seeing photos from riders all over the place :D