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[NSW] No speeding fines INDEFINITELY (on again)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,25751484-5001021,00.html

    NO speeding fines will be issued for the next week as of 6pm after the police force today declared war on the State Government after a breakdown in its wage claim.

    The NSW Police Association has called on the 15,000-strong force to protest the impasse by not handing out speeding and other fines in a move that is expected to cost the government $2 million.

    Police will be giving cautions to speeders, unless it is considered a serious breach, in which case the people will be put before the courts.

    The Association's executive met Premier Nathan Rees on Monday and Tuesday to personally ask him to intervene in their fight for better wages and conditions.

    The Industrial Relations Commission also called on the two parties to come to an agreement on a negotation structure by 4pm today.

    The Government has put forward a 4 per cent wage rise offer but the proposal includes cuts in salaries for injured officers and other entitlement losses, including shift and uniform allowances.

    The association said it would be happy with the pay increase but did not agree with the allowance cuts and wanted more reasonable breaks between shifts.

    ``It's understandable that the Government would be looking for ways to save money, however that should not come at the expense of police and public safety,'' Association president Bob Pritchard said.

    ``We will not allow the NSW Government to strip the state's police of their conditions.''

    Mr Pritchard accused the Government of ignoring a report the association offered showing ways it could save up to $200 million a year and still improve policing.

    The police action is also targeting the government's crackdown on hotels breaching liquor laws.

    The Association has confirmed that it has asked officers to use discretion on minor incidents in hotels that would usually draw fines.

    "The range of fines in place at the moment for breaches of liquor laws is from $550 to $1100 but we've asked our members to use their discretion which will take away the prospect of on-the-spot fines,'' a spokesman said.

    "If there is a serious breach then our members will still be taking action but it will be through a breach report and putting that person before the courts.''

    The spokesman said it was not about removing the importance of measures to curb alcohol violence and crime but of taking away the on-the-spot fine system that was designed to free up courts.

    "They won't ignore problems that occur but it means officers will be taking different action,'' he said.

    The courts have previously also treated these matters more leniently.

    This is the first time police have taken this sort of industrial action in at least eight years.

    And it is believed to be only the start of what could be a wave of industrial action by officers.
  2. Yeah, like that's going to happen with the first weekend of the school holidays starting on Friday!! :roll:

    Look for a very quick about-face on this scenario.
  3. Well, at least the police are being honest about the intention of speeding fines. :LOL:
  4. soooooo..... who wants to try it out first? ill be right behind you....
  5. You'll still get done, just have to go to court to receive your reaming, costing you a day off work etc as well.

    Also obviously doesn't affect cameras.
  6. they said on one of the reports that a warning would be all you'd get for a minor offense... less than 20km over? but im still not game
  7. i heard it would be up to the orrificer as to whether or not they use their discretion, i.e. if it's so blatant they may ping you just for the hell of it ( but aint that their way anyway? )

    so no one-foot-no-hands-no-helmet-only wearing budgie smuggler rides past the police
  8. I can imagine some bored highway patrol cop completely ignoring the request to not give out fines, and instead getting his quota for the year done in one week :grin:
  9. My take on it is that they WILL AVOID fines. The reason they pick school holidays is that it is a time when higher revenue is raised, so it hurts the government more. Unless an officer is not a union member, there will be a lot of peer pressure to abide by the union executive order, and thus support the cause. Even non union officers will feel the pressure to go along with this, not to mention that if the union wins the battle, they will also reap the rewards.

    In saying this, I don't think it's wise to think it's party time on the roads. Major breaches will be jumped on, even if only to keep the general public on side.
  10. This is brilliant. It kicks the government where it hurts, doesn't significantly compromise public safety and gets the public onside.
  11. They may not be setting speed traps or booking people for driving at reasonable speeds (but over the limit), but it's hard to imagine a HWY patrol officer resisting the urge to book a bike rider he has caught giving it some.
  12. Yeah they said minor speeding offences. Not quite sure what 'minor is' 0-10km 1 point fine? I am sure they catch anyone doing 20kmh or so they will ping.
  13. Bloke from work got back from trip to Canberra on the weekend. Saw a number of speed traps and cars pulled over by Police.

    HWY patrol cops just can't help themselves.
  14. Far as I'm concerned this is how they should be policing it full time.
  15. Saw an unmarked car had pulled someone over this morning. I don't know the reason or the result, but don't count on getting away with anything.

    Mind you it was in the suburb where I've got my only 2 tickets in the past 15 years.
  16. Not that I don't totally agree with you, ibast, but they're meant to keep dishing em out til next monday.
  17. Thanks. Information I wasn't aware of.
  18. Full article here

    NSW police threaten to waive fines
    Adam Bennett and Belinda Cranston
    July 27, 2009

    NSW police will waive fines indefinitely as they fight a state government wage proposal that will remove protections for injured officers.

    The NSW opposition is urging the government to end the pay dispute, saying it'll cost the state $2 million a week.

    The government wants officer to sacrifice sick leave and death and disability allowances to fund a pay rise of four per cent - an offer the Police Association has rejected.

    At a meeting in Sydney on Monday, 200 officers voted to push ahead with the fine blackout, the second in a month.

    From August 3 there will be a "open ended" fine-free period, with police refusing to write tickets for a range of misdemeanours, including traffic offences.

    "(Police) will use their discretion as to whether they will write (a ticket), or give a caution or if (an offence) is serious enough, they will place people directly before the court," association president Bob Pritchard told AAP.

    "Obviously, we would never put the community at risk but we need to show the government that we are very serious."

    Mr Pritchard said police were reluctant to take such action "but we have to give the government a wake-up call".

    It's very interesting how they say that speeding is of no risk to the community. In another article: "We will never put a question mark on public saftey". I really hope the state gov gets their back up and doesnt allow it through. $2 mill a week for a few months, and compare it with the road toll from when fines were issued - should be a strong argument to scrap on the spot fines full stop.