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nsw no p plate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by philmydang, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Argh just got done for not having my p plate. I turned around to see only two cableties attached to my licence plate. Thing mustve flapped off in the wind dangit. Anyway I figure its not something I could win but I have a question, I got fined 200 bucks and lose 2 points says the offixer. Now that to me sounds abit much considering I can get a 79 dollar fine for going 11 over the limit in my car (and since speeding is super dangerous it should have a heavier fine right.?) My question is, did the officeer have it right? I vaguely remember the fine being 100 and one point each plate, and we only have one? Any help would be appreciared

  2. Changes to the display of L and P plates on vehicles.
    L or P plates may no longer be displayed from inside your vehicle. All learner and provisional drivers must clearly display their L and P plates on the front and back of the outside of the vehicle. The letters L and P on the plate must not be hidden. The penalty for incorrectly displayed plates is two demerit points and a fine.
  3. Offence Penalty Notice Fines Points Double demerits?
    Not comply P/P1 licence - No P plates as required - Cycle $201 2 Demerit
    RT (DL) Reg 2008
    Cl 114 (1)

    I guess if you wanted to you could take it to court and fight it. If you can put up a good enough arguement you may get off. Do you carry spare P Plates with you?
  4. Yeah I just saw that on the rta site. Looks like I got a $1 student discount. Yay
  5. It was always printed on the plates that motorcycles only had to have one on the back. Pretty sure thats still the case.
    Pretty harsh that to 'lose' the plate off the back costs twice as much as on a car :p.

    Edit: ok maybe not, checked the link.
    Wow what a difference. It used to be $80 and no points when i did my car licence. I guess i can understand $80 and a point... but $200 and 2 points? Seriously?
    What about car, thats per plate isnt it? There goes your 4 points and licence if you are on your red Ps!
  6. Oh rats, I didn't get a $1 discount after all.

    Anyone know the chances of appealing such a matter?
  7. Bucklys none and Sweet Fanny Adams
  8. Appeal it, write a letter to the SDRO explaining that it came off and that you've now taken measures to ensure it doesn't happen again. I did this and I was let off - as I should have been. Only time it ever came off, after that I laminated it and screwed it down under the plate bracket.

    Its unreasonable to suggest that a flimsy plate on the back of a bike wont come off from time to time.
  9. Prob why they make them out of such flimsy and weak plastic , more revenue
  10. 2 points and $200 for not driving/riding as per license conditions I believe you will find. Yes, many people have got off on the it fell off excuse. Cops can usually tell if they are speaking porkies or not. Still worth a try, even after the event
  11. heh. 2 points?

    Ive got my L-plate so far wedged underneath my plate you can only see a tiny bit of the black L and the side of the yellow plate.

    Been pulled over by 2 RBT's and they've either not checked (i suspect) or have just let it slide.

    Time to get my act into gear, i've already had about 4 fall off.
  12. I've been let off with this a few times - but it's actually legit... Pull into RBT : "why are you not displaying P plates?" Have a few in the car so I get out a chuck them right on... I even have them cable tied on and they get nicked/fly off.
  13. What did you mention in your letter? Is this still possible? I just called the SDRO and they told me there's nothing they can do since the ticket was issued by a police officer - I guess it's still worth a try
  14. write to the station sergeant send pics of the cable ties etc - ask for some leniency
  15. Phil, definitely write a letter to the SDRO. Sending it to the local cop shop won't do anything. This in no way qualifies as legal advice, but in the letter, you need to mention the cable ties (attach a picture), the type of plate that was used, if it was issued at an RTA office, you are a responsible rider who sees his/her licence as a privilege not a right, you religiously check your bike prior to each ride, the plate was there when you left on that days trip etc etc etc...

    Half an hours typing, a 60 cent stamp and you may get off with a warning. The other 2 options, as you know, are pay it or defend it at court. Maybe get Paul Keating's mouthpiece - got him off a red light ticket....probably cost him a bomb though lol.
  16. Its been two points since at least 96, as I got done for it then. I took it to court and got the points reduced to 1 so I kept my licence. YMMV
  17. I agree, it is worth spending the time to write to the proper authority and emphasising that it was genuinely lost in transit and that you have taken steps to re-inforce your replacement plate. Half your points is worth attempting to protect. Even perhaps try to talk to the Senior Sergeant at the place where the cop is based, it is normally them who will conduct the review anyway. (It is in QLD anyway)

  18. In NSW, once the blister is issued, their copy goes to the SDRO. (Which used to be the infringement processing bureau.) The local traffic sergeant would probably not even talk to you if you rang, or if he/she did, would just say "Take it to court or write a letter."

    As has already been stated, write a letter to the SDRO - that way they are in a position that they have to respond, one way or the other, as opposed to a phone call. If nothing else, it will buy you time whilst it's being assessed. I wrote a letter for a mate who was snapped in his car going too quick through a school zone. He got off with a warning. So they are amenable to giving cautions.
  19. Thanks for the advice guys. Letter has been sent with appropriate forms. Fingers crossed!