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NSW No helmet in a parking lot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by philmydang, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Ok first up, I am by no means encouraging my actions.
    I was at a Westfield today, and rode out of the carpark - and immediately back in (before exiting out onto the road) so I could fetch a new ticket for my cager friend. (Anything to save 7 bucks on parking right??)

    Anyhow, I did this without my lid.

    Is it an offence if I'm riding without a helmet, but not actually on the road?

    Just pondering
  2. yes

    If you check the rules it will be defined as areas with public access or similar. That is why road rules still apply in carparks and petrol stations and such.
  3. whether it is or not, it certainly looks like you were giving someone a chance to ping you and say it was
  4. Parking lots and similar areas are considered to be public roads from memory.
  5. Yes, I believe a Netrider got pinged in a service station recently too.
  6. "Road Related Area" is the proper definition, and as everyone has said, yes. It is.

    Im more curious though whether i can get fined for pushing my bike onto the road from my driveway without my helmet on :p as the vehicle is in motion.
    Then i start it, get it idling on choke, hop off, close the gate and put the helmet on, gloves on, hop on and go.
    I know you can be fined for not wearing a seatbelt or talking on a phone if your car is pulled over to the side of the road, out of gear, handbrake on, but engine running... so the potential is there!
  7. hows the shopping centre and your own insurance view this?
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I won't be doing that again. (Not that I should have in the first place)
  9. Above is spot on.

    Next time, think of the kittens (because you were probably speeding as well).
  10. Dunno if you get fined but if you have an accident, the cops will tick the 'speed was a factor' box :-s
  11. Actually I think it's free access to the public, so it doesn't apply in private and payed parking lots.

    But in this case you only pay after a period of time, so I'm guessing it could be an ugly court case.
  12. This sounds like a real waste of time. I often fill up, then ride my bike into a parking space without my helmet so I can, go to the toilet, have a drink or wahtever. Now looks like I need to kit up again just to travel 10m. Don't get me wrong I totally understand the need for helmets etc but to get a fine for this seems very petty. I really cant imagine someone wasting their time writing a ticket for it.
  13. They do. In Vic, it's $239 & 3 points. (Pushing the bike is probably easier & quicker)

    Yep, that was me.

    They can also fine you if you don't do the helmet up, many times I've moved the bike at a servo without doing up the strap.

    Won't be doing either of those again.
  14. You are aware that some westfields also have numberplate recognition so that you cannot come in more that once as well. They dont have it on all the time because it takes too long to process but you can get billed for the second one if they do.
  15. How does that work? They won't let you out the second time? They shouldn't be able to get access to your registration details, so they couldn't send you a bill in the mail and even if they did you'd just ignore it.

    Reads like urban myth to me.
  16. That's how it used to work in the UK. It was something that MAG used to occasionally protest if there were no more pressing issues at hand. I never knew anyone actually get booked for it though, and I pushed enough bikes enough miles that I'd consider myself something of a minor expert :D.
  17. Yayyyyyy nanny state!
  18. You won't get fined if the engine is not running and you are pushing it.

    Apart from that the attitude is that you are fair game!
  19. Yes its illegal as others have said. You could also be done for fraud (or assisting)