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[NSW] Newcastle to The Oxley hwy(Walcha), Sun Oct 29th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim

    Hi there, after a few other Newy riders recently rode the Oxley, I have to get there and see it for myself! We will have to leave fairly early to make the most of it.

    Meet: Hexham Maccas- 8am, 8:30 am depart.

    Route: up Bucketts way to glouces...

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  2. Well, here it is. we have already had some interest in this ride, but due to other responsibilities, many have dropped out. This is a fairly large day ride, with some other Newcastle riders recently clocking up 600km+ doing this ride. Any one is welcome, any Sydney or surrounds that are interested, you are more than welcome though it will be an early start for you guys to make the 8am meet. If anyone needs info on the location of the meet or distance/roads/stops, please feel free to PM or just reply with you question.

    So, where all the riders at???


    P.S. many will tell you that I am cursed with the rain demon ..... something I can't deny at the moment .... So wet gear may be in order, but here's hoping......
  3. Well boys it's like this - I was very keen (or kenn) to do this ride again however I was reminded by the Leader of the Opposition that it is our wedding anniversary on Sunday and that perhaps I should book a luncheon engagement somewhere "nice". I'm thinking that does not include her being on the back of the bike for 600 odd kays. So the decision is do I chase the thrill of this ride or do I stay at home for guaranteed sex. I think I'll have to stay at home....
    Tim - for lunch I have a couple of suggestions. We stopped at the Commercial Hotel last time and whilst it was okay it was nothing to rave about. Some of the other boys should be able to direct you there. When I went there on my own I had lunch at a little cafe in the main street and the burger I had was of Wollombi proportions. You might try that. Turn left at the roundabout when you come into town & the cafe is on that corner on your left.
  4. hmmmmm, I might be riding alone by the looks of it.....

    Thanx for the lunch tips, though my knowledge of the area is minimal, so it will be a 'Know as you go' kinda thing! Was hoping to attract the attention of an 'experienced oxley rider'(or Brett) to show us the way, ... oh well, I will have to do a bit more research of maps for the area.

    And stop rubbing in your frequent 'on back' activities...... does a foot rub work that well???

  5. Think I already told ya I a out for this ridew unfortunantly although very very kenn!!! ( enough of the jokes I have feelings to you know ), if Brett does happen to come may I suggest a 5am start !!!! and any scooter riders interested in going if Brett does go your garunteed ( can't spell leave me alone ) you wont be the slowest riders there....
    Second that thought of simons for the price of the meal at the pub I would give the simple cafe a go and also may I suggest that you motor along till walcha ie. be no slouch, there is about 20kms of boring though good surfaced road from walcha to the start of the twisties and I promise your haste to get there will be well worth it, excluding the intervention of the rain demons, which still seem to be cursing you!!!
  6. Bugger these Demons ........ Anyone know of a good excorcist, witch, voodoo perhaps....??

    Brad GT650R


    Everyone else


  7. Tim, I wouldn't bust my guts to ride the Oxley, unless you want some fine coffee at Ginger Creek and some grossly over-priced fuel at the same venue. Heading west-east the inside apex of virtually every right hand corner is chopped up and bumpy as a moto-cross track, and this really destroys the enjoyment, let me tell you.....
  8. If there's one thing I am used to, its half hearted road surfaces, bumps, and wet roads!!

    I will test ride it a bit before trying to scrape pegs!!

    I am sure it would not be to dis-similar to the back roads south of wollombi, of O'sullivans gap and the old pacific hwy and its 'green' apex and 'leaf' barriers!

    Hell, mud wont even stop us.........


    even if i did cry for days whilst cleaning my bike.....

  9. Tim start early, head up and fuel up at walcha. From there go through all the twisties to long flat. From memory it may be 30km east of the twisties but the pub has been recommended and last time I was there, there were a decent amount of bikes out the front. Long Flat also has cheaper fuel (apparently). From there you can either head to the coast and down the pacific boreway or back up the oxley and down the thunderbolts.

    I'd head up with you but just did nearly 1000km's this weekend. If I get bored I'll let you know :grin:
  10. Heading west-east the inside apex of virtually every right hand corner is chopped up and bumpy as a moto-cross track, and this really destroys the enjoyment, let me tell you.....[/quote]

    Tim have a great time, as this is a grossly inaccurate statement. The only reason you have to stop at Gingers Creek is to relieve yourself. If you are not to tight, have a cup of coffee. But hurry it's a long way home.
  11. SO, Ross, you rode the entire length of the Oxley in the last 24 hours, did you? Or are you just blathering, because I DID and that's why I said what I said and the people who rode with me agreed? Perhaps your opinion would be a bit more valuable if it was something more than just that....
  12. So if you rode the Oxley in the last 24 hours Paul you have express your opion. For a top quality road to go off in the last three weeks, I think not. But then I have know some people to complain whilst having a good time. Go figure?
  13. The oxley is one of if not the best road I have ridden and a fantastic surface, as it has been told to me the people that look after the road are riders, your entitled to your opinion hornet but just wondering how or why a road can turn to crap in such a short time ...maybe your bike has a few suspension issues or it maye be the rider? Not sure but I am sure Tim is thankful for your words ! I am with you Ross the oxley is a fantastic ride and well worth the effort to go and ride up and back and up and back again..
  14. Broken surface at the apex of right hand corners is not a matter of opinioin or a factor if suspension or rider performance. If the surface is broken up, it is broken up. You can say what you like, but I rode the entire length of the road in the last 24 hours and I know what I saw and rode over.

    Unless you or others HAVE ridden it in the last 24 hours, or short while, then you are stating opinion not facts.

    I'm not saying it is a bad road, but I had it built up as a great ride and I was very disappointed, that's all. The Putty and the Macquarie Pass to name just two roads in NSW, and the Black Spur in Victoria, have vastly better surfaces than the Oxley....
  15. Did you feel the broken sufaces under you or did you see them broken? Maybe it is easy to see the road surface when you wobble around the 35km\h corners at 20km/h with your feet out to steady your bike ... we wouldn't know
  16. (Broken surface at the apex of right hand corners is not a matter of opinioin ).
    So Tim go as hard as you like thru the left hand corners cause nothing is wrong with them? I think some one is playing with as poor Newcastle riders, good one Paul ha ha! Got to go now I got a life to live.
  17. HAHAHA ......... Ma, get the shotgun!!!!!

    Again, I have no fear of bad road surfaces, broken surface, loose surface ...... NO surface!!

    I will never commit to a corner 110% unless i know whats around it

    And thanx for everyones opinions on the road, BUT up here in Newy, we get used to crap roads, we are a tough bunch, and i think the closer you are to the capital(act) in nsw, the better the roads are, Wouldn't want one of those politicians or head church priest to spill a coffee in those limo's............. oh the humility

  18. Oh and as a matter of curiousity, isn't the apex of a right hander.... the middle of the road? or is it divided road???? Cause I dont run the middle line ANYWHERE, It can be as broken as it likes in the middle of the road ........

  19. sorry about double post thats what you get with dial up I guess
  20. Actually Hornet may be right, after we all went through last time simon may have dug his cruiser into the road surface and ripped it up on every turn trying to keep up needless to say I think its a fantastic road and so did the other 5 riders with me and wont hesitate to do it again, Tim knows we wouldn't give him bad advise ...... Dont have light beer at catherine hill bay pub now thats good advise!!