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[NSW] Newcastle to Sugarloaf - Sun 12/02

Discussion in 'NSW' started by SnooKs, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Any novacastrians interested for a meet up and short ride, welcome to come along. Will be taking a trip up sugarloaf mountain, just a short ride so if you have afternoon plans you'll be back in time. We'd like to start getting a bit of a crew together for regular rides.

    Nice section of road with some good corners.

    All skills welcome, I'm on my P's, with L platers coming along as well

    Warners Bay Macca's 10am ( I want a mcmuffin for breaky :p )

    Its probably about a 2 hour ride.

    Post up if you'd like to come, welcome to PM me for my mobile number.
  2. Collides nicely with a bike rally in dungog :(
  3. Mark me down for this one!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. hi,

    im a newby from charlestown in newcastle area.

    id be interested in the future, however its is probably a bit had of a ride considering i only have about 4 days of riding on my belt. give me a few weeks of practising and ill be there.
  5. I'm actually from charlestown too :p

    If you change your mind, just pm me, we have two other learners coming, your welcome to take everything at your own speed as well.
  6. I'm quite likely buying a bike on Sunday finally :grin:

    I'm also moving up to live in Newcastle, on the university campus next Monday the 13th!

    So I won't likely be ready for this ride, but I look forward to becoming part of a regular crew.

    You guys are all so old though, I just hope you can keep up :LOL:
  7. Hint Kols,

    Dont every call a female old :(
  8. oooo Kols is off to a good start! hahahha
    Have fun guys! I'm sure I will be able to get to the next one, but have had this rally I'm heading to in my calendar for some time now.

    PS Kols, gunna make you eat your words when i meet you ;) old indeed!

    *walks off mumbling about young whipper-snappers these days
  9. young whipersnapers..sheesh! You guys are younger than my bike!
    I'd better get another L plate.....blody hard to keep attached to the bike for some reason!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Im the same age as ur bike actually :p
  11. Z650 Vs. XJ650

    Hey Andrew,

    You should post a pic of your bike, I'd love to see what you've done. Reason being is that I'm thinking of getting a very similar bike- a yamaha XJ650.

    I bought the latest Motorcycle Trader magazine and I saw a good'un, it's on page 129 at Central Coast Motorcycles, there's a pic.

    The choice for me currently is between either a Yamaha SZR660, which would cost me rougly $5000, or the XJ650 which is listed at $2000, but will probally go down to around $1500- amazingly cheap, you can't get a Suzuki GN250 of the same age for that much :)

    The SZR might be the safer option, but I think either of them would be fairly manic fun for a learner bike :twisted: , which is the important thing for me.

    These bikes (XJ650 and Z650) are both supposed to have some of the best engines of their generation, they last for well over 100,000+km's on minimal maintenance, so I think the age of the bike will be no worries.

    The main thing I worry about is the extra weight. My first bike (a CB250) weighed 130kg's. The XJ650 weighs 230kgs :shock: . I weigh 57kg's, so the bike would be four times my own body weight.

    anyway, its interesting to compare the Two bike- XJ650 vs. Z650. Fairly similar


    Engine configuration- Both air cooled Inline four's/650cc's, DOHC, 2 valve per cylinder

    Power-___________71.00 HP @9400rpm______66.00 HP@8500rpm

    Weight-___________231kg wet.____________220kg wet.

    Torque-___________Identical, 57 NM

    Gearing-__________Both 5 speed

    Final Drive-________Shaft________________Chain


    The yamaha makes significantly more power, but also has significantly more weight, so who knows which would be quicker? The Yamaha's supposed to have a slightly higher top speed (197kmh vs. 190), but this could just be gear ratio's. The yamaha also makes peak power significantly higher, suggesting that the engine would be a bit more revvy/less laid back, and potentially more frantic if you really wanted to go fast.

    The main difference between them is the final drive- shaft on the yamaha Vs. Chain. The Shaft suggests a touring bias for the XJ650 as opposed to a sportier bias for the Z650. However this contradicts what I just said about where they make peak power- a high revving tourer and a low revving sporty, what's the world coming too :p ?

    Anyway, they're both great bikes, so we're all winners in the end. Really undervalued too, so damn cheap :grin:

    I can't wait to meet you- Drag race time :twisted:
  12. Hey, good luck with the ride tommorow too guys, sorry I can't be there.

    I previously said that I hoped to buy a bike on Sunday, but all the damn dealerships are closed :cry: Monday it is then.

    I'm moving into accomodation in Newcastle tommorow too.

    Would anyone be up for another ride next weekend, assuming I have a bike? I'll need to unwind after my first week of Uni :)
  13. Well, it would seem I lost the guys somehwere betwen the last roundabout before the freeway(where I last saw them) and wherever they went! LOL! I just went up to sugarloaf lookout, thought that was what was meant by a ride to sugarloaf!?
    Anyway, I had fun, found a new back way home, and look forward to another ride. Those little 250's are quick eh?! LOL!
    Kol, I'd probably steer away from a shaft drive on an older bike. Main reason being parts avaliability. WIth the staftie, you'd have gears etc that may go over time, and parts are much less likely to be readily available. With chain drive, new sprockets and chain always available, and easier to fit/repair. Also, with the Z 650, the larger Z's of that era are getting collectible, so restoration parts are readily available, and many parts that wear out fit on the Z650, things like switches, lights, wheels, cables etc. Just my thoughts. I'd love a shaft drive, but potential lack of parts on an older bike holds me back. The Z650 also is very torquey and smooth, and very easy to ride slow, but wil get up and go if need be!
    I dunno about the Yammy, but the only time I notice the weight on my Z is when pushing it backwards or up a hill. At the lights it's no problem. Any bike is a bugger to pick up!
    Also, when loking at a Z650, don't be put off if the gearbox clunks into first, normal! They have a notchy gearbox when cold too. And a rattle at idle from the gearbox/ crankcase area is only the primary chain, they all sound like that, the gearbox is not gear driven off the crank, but chain driven. The chains last forever. They also are known for leaking oil from teh head gasket, again, normal, and nothing to worry about.
    Any older bike you buy, I would advise you to get a through tune up by a very knowledgeable bike shop, and be prepared to spend a few dollars on bits and pieces. Also be advised that the early (77-79) Z 650's had points ignition, which is not a problem, but if you keep the bike, I would recomend fitting a modern electronic ignition( about $350), just for ease of starting and less maintenence.
    PM me your email address, and I'll send you a couple of photos.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Bugger !! .... i missed the ride .... oh well let me know next time you are all organising something as i would love to tag along , have just moved here to newie and am eagerly looking for riding partners
  15. Thank god your alright!

    We waited and waited and waited....

    Then we all went back searching for you. We'd never just ride off, end of the section we pull over and wait.
  16. I dunno how I missed you guys then. I waited for like 5 mins at the lokout, thought it was odd no one was there, and went back down to the turnoff, rode towards Cessnock for a couple of kays and couldn't see anyone, so went home!
    Where did you end up going anyway?

  17. Alas, the bike was sold when I rang.

    Looks like I won't have a bike for a while
  18. I 'll be happy to join you all next time,I'lll ride up from Gosford as long as you get your meeting & destinations right next time.
    Tired of the OPH :cool: