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[NSW] Newcastle to Putty Rd via Wollombi , Sat Jan 20th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim

    Hi guys, a couple of Newy riders will be riding to Putty Rd through Wollombi/Broke this Saturday 20th Jan, meeting at Hexham Macca's at 9am leaving soon after. Ride through to Putty rd for a run, riding as far as time/conditions allow, then returning t...

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  2. See ..... any slower/learner riders out there will be happy to see Den Monkey will be joining us, meaning you will be tailed slowly by the little man on his ZX6R!!

  3. Up yours funny man.

    As Geoff said he was surprised I had any busted flies on the front of my helmet visor. He thought they would all be on the back from me riding so slow.

    Must admit it was quite funny.

    Oh may not be a full day for me but Ill be along for some of it at least
  4. I plan to be there Timbo but will have to wait till closer to the date ( Brett's hitting on me and its making me uncomfortable )
  5. Hittin ON you...nah dude I was hittin YOU UP ....for that tenner you borrowed last week.

    A man and his dreams. You gotta have goals man but try someone in your own league. Do what Tim does.... lower ya standards and increase ya odds.

    Looks like might just be me and you Timothy...Cause I know the girl will bail. I can feel it in my bones.

    If so how bout a shorter ride somewhere .. Plan B if you will
  6. I'm keen for a ride, but have managed to catch a cold :oops: . If i can get a bit better, im keen wherever you end up deciding to ride to.

  7. Is there anybody from sydney thinking about doing this?
    I know I am, and even more daunting I am thinking of a first light run up the old road/peats ridge/wollombi to hexham. Open to thoughts here people??
  8. Hey scatrd, yeah, go on, do it, most of us are friendly!! The run up the old road is bloody awesome, watch for wet patches early in the morning though!!
    If not, matchstick01 and I are currently planning a ride to wollombi from sydney(via old rd & george downes dr) and newcastle(via cessnock, maybe broke?), lunch at wollombi, then ride the first bit of putty rd where sydney riders continue south, Newy riders turn round and come home, or something of that nature. You should see ^ this ride posted soon!!

    See you guys on Saturday!!

  9. So Tim650wearsshortshorts, is this still on?? Still the same plans??

  10. Laid on, you love my short shorts, or you wouldn't have looked!!!! And tomorrow is looking bloody beaut', I will be there, new saddle bags but same old me!! I haven't been on a big ride for a while and the new bike hasn't seen much road out that way so i can't wait, i don't know if i can sleep!!!

    C u bludgers tomorrow!!

  11. Holy dog tuds batman.
    Toni told me it was gonna be a warm one tomorrow.

    BOM suggests 34 upwards
    Newcastle: Fine, mostly sunny. Min: 19 Max:
    Gosford: Fine, mostly sunny. Min: 18 Max: 34
    Maitland and Cessnock: Fine, mostly sunny. Min: 20 Max: 37
    Scone: Fine, mostly sunny. Min: 21 Max: 38
    Singleton: Fine, mostly sunny. Min: 20 Max: 39.

    So bag man some water in those new panniers of yours may be in order.

    At least a few stops here and there to rehydrate.
  12. What an awesome looking day!!!!

    Yeah, several stops will be in order to rest and rehydrate.

    Bit of a small respone to this ride .... oh well, their loss!!

    See you'se soon!!

  13. Yeah and if it all gets too much(heat wise) we will change plans no worries!! If you can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen!!

    Maybe a pub or beach run somewhere closer ......

    We'll see how we go.

  14. see ya all there
  15. mmmm did someone say HOT!!! At the meet was (here we go with my memory of names) Brett, Steve, Layton, Jason(i think), Toni, Wayne and me(Tim).
    After a bit of deliberation we decided to ride somewhere a little cooler and went on a run to Hawkes Nest for a rest by the beach, then decided to brave the heat and ride the back way into Maitland where the heat became intense, we stopped shortly at Largs for a much needed cool drink and shade, then us Newy riders piked out and headed for home while 'iron nuts Scatrd' continued west to putty rd riding all the way back to Sydney in the 40 deg C temps.

    Apart from the heat, it was a nice ride and all in all a good day. I'm kicking myself for not riding any of putty with Scatrd, but self preservation was kicking in and i was drying out!!

    BIG thumbs up to Scatrd for making the trip from Syd just to ride with us mugs, and on the determination to keep going!! He covered some nice roads all in one day!!

    Untill next time.......