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[NSW] newcastle to putty halfway house, Sat Aug 26th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: brad

    putty halfway house is the destination meet at caltex servo at Maryland (Minmi Rd) 9am for a 9:30 start

    all riders welcome for a relaxed ride at your own pace with regular catchup/regrouping points along the way

    so who's in :)

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  2. the weather could be a bit average, but you know me.......I'm in!!!

    My bike is at Inskip Motorcycles at Toronto getting its 20k service and a front tyre at the moment, so It should be a good ride.

    My loan bike is a bloody virago with those gay handle bars(sorry virago owners, but it's my opinion!!) and a steering lock that i can't work! It goes alright though, an '02 model with less k's than my star!

    So I will see ya'll on saturday


    20,417km in 8.25 months!!!!!!
    original rear tyre replaced at 17,600 ( BALD )
    original front tyre replaced at 20,417 (getting there)

    blah....blah.....blah......ha ha LOL
  3. good stuff tim.

    Prawns, Cat whats happening guys i posted thye ride not tim so the weather is all good :wink:

    ps cat i hear you are now a P plater congrats :grin:
  4. Yes we do know you and you'll be taking the rain with you.

    Sorry boys working this weekend. Hope ya get a few along.

    Also the only reason ya can't work the steering lock is because you're gay.
    I do love you and your panniers for KFC runs though. Don't go changing.

    ENjoy the run boys, think of me at work while you do.

    And remember pics pics pics
  5. Phew! was about to post saying my bikes booked into bikecare and I may be bikeless, but I had my weekends wrong thats not till the weekend after!

    So consider me in unless its raining or if my bike needs repairs for its pinkslip this morning, bloody rego expires tomorrow but if she passes the slip (it should) am putting rego on it today :)

    Might see if a mate of mines interested too, he has just rebuilt his rgv250 engine and may be up for a test ride, and hopefully he knows where minmi road is too (I know I suck but when I ride I dont read street signs, prolly been there before and dont know it tho)
  6. I'm out again unfortunately - work. Have fun guys.
  7. My bike passed the pinkslip fine, and I rode in today and renewed rego so Im a go-er!

    Jeez you got some good mileage out of that rear tyre Tim, I generally get 3,000 - 4,000 kms out of a rear before its bald (and the rear costs me a little over $300 to replace)
    Obviously you love your bike doing that many km's :)
    20,000km is about average for a car for 12months!
  8. Due to Phillip Island being in two weeks I am out till after this little trip for any planned rides. Planning a BBQ Meet for any interested Newcastle riders at all down the water at stockton using the electric BBQ'S But will post a message to see if any one is interested in this near the end of september.
    Have a Great ride guys watch those rain demons disguised as riders tagging along !!!!
  9. here's me whining about a $150 rear and $140 front and you say a little OVER $300....yeah I know it's an R6 and all...but my car takes 225/45/16 and i can get them new fitted for $120 a tyre!!!

    But anyways, I'm all good for Saturday, put some more Ks on the bike!!!


    mmmm... I'll have to scrub that tyre..... fast!!
  10. Damn! I get my bike in 3 weeks! I wish I could come! If you guys are having dinner in town or something later, ill bring my cage :(

    Hope you guys have a great ride, stay safe!

    Btw, do any of you Newcastle guys have some second hand jackets/gloves etc for sale? Or know a place to get it....looking for something really safe...

    Cheers, rhys.

  11. there is a trick to the steering lock....
    turn it full lock to the right, then ease it back just a bit and the key should push in as you turn it.
  12. I've tried everything with that bloody steering lock on the virago and even following the owners manual, I still can't get it to work....lucky it's a 'loaner'!!!

    Oh, my bike stayed on another night at Inskip waiting on an air filter, so I'm STILL on that virago.....will be picking the bike up friday arvo, with new 'nearly everything'!! $$$$$

  13. hey guys,

    i am unable to make this ride as i will be travelling to syd on weekend to (hopefully) pick up a bike for the bf.

    hope the weather is good for u all. and thanks for the congrats brad.

    take it easy.....and dont forget pics!

  14. Well, so far it looks as though it will be Prawns, GT Brad and myself......mmmm.....it's looking like last weekend!!

    I will post again in the morning about 8am, but I'm pretty much a definate.

    If its just the three amigo's again, are we going to putty anyway?? I don't mind. Maybe see the turnout in the morning and go from there.

    maybe we can find a bunch of scooter riders and tag along!!!

  15. Sorry guys, I think I am going to sit this one out.....

    Had a ride with the ADVriders on Friday 18th out in the bush and done my ankle in (twisted) glad I had my off-road boots on, otherwise it may have been broken. More scratches on the DAKAR, broken indicator and broken mirror.

    How about a coffee night at Glendale again (gloria Geans????)

    See if we can encourge more people to join.

    Let us know how the ride when!!!
  16. yep tim will be there tommorow too, also prawns RGV250 friend might be comming the more the merrier

    might plan th next one for a sunday
  17. I had never seen a "gang" of scooter riders before that day was funny hey

    Unfortunatly my rgv mate cant come due to his custom pipes not being finished yet but Im still in for a ride if it isnt raining like it is at the moment here :(
  18. The weather is looking OK, supposed to be showers on the coast clearing. although it rained fairly hard here last night, the road is dry, so bring it on!!

  19. I half woke up at 7:30 but it was raining so I went back to bed!

    So sorry guys seems Im piking on this ride, its 9:45 and Ive just woken up again (clouds here still looks real iffy on whether they're about to open up again)

    Hope you guys have fun, and hope the weather holds for you
  20. Putty Road, well almost.......

    Hi, I was one of the three riders that rolled the dice on today’s ride.

    After turning up at 9.00am sharp not a rider to be seen, started to worry, checked with the Servo attendant that the Caltex was the only one on Minmi Road. He said it was, also said a group of motor bikes already left. Thought I would wait a while any way since it was only just 9.00am. Any way short time after Tim 250 and Brad _GT650R turn up.

    After explaining to them I was a new rider and had never been on a group ride before, I asked for any tips? There response, "Don't worry we will wait for you up the road."

    We headed off with a brief stop at the start of Sandy Creek Road, we continued on to Wollombi where we stopped for lunch (11.00am). As all agreed we were starving. Discussed the Putty Road and was told how good the twisty were going to be. We headed of after a reasonable break with anticipation oosing through my veins.

    We stopped at Broke to fill up the tanks. Tim told me we were not far from the Putty Road now. Excited we headed off. About 1km up the road Tim motioned for us to stop. Upon stopping he pointed to a nail/ screw sticking out of the slowly deflating tyre on Brad's bikes.

    A slow trip back to Cessnock to attempt repairs (fingers crossed) unfortunately all the tyre shops closed after 12 noon. Was told at this point this was Brad's third attempt to ride the Putty Road all ending in dissapointment. Perhaps next time Brad you bring a rabbits foot tied around the handlebars.

    About 1.40pm we parted ways, I headed back to the Central Coast through Freemans Waterhole and Tim and Brad limped back to Newcastle.

    The rain held off, I had a great ride and met two fellow riders, so all in all a great day. Can not wait until the next ride.